Fort Riley, Kansas



Preseparation Benefit Briefing

By ACAP Transition Service Manager Glennwood Mclaurin | DHR.ACAP | March 09, 2009

Preseparation Benefits Briefing. Soldiers considering separation are required two-hour mandatory briefing explaining a wide range of benefits for them and their families to use before and after separation, and to help in making the decision to separate. The briefing is about benefits and can be completed on-line at your own pace using the ACAP secure portal or by scheduling an appointment with the ACAP office to complete the briefing. Benefits are in thanks from a grateful nation and Congress so the emphasis is to give soldiers, and their family members, this briefing early enough that they have time to adequately use all their benefits. Information is on Education, VA, Reserve Component, Finance, Medical and Insurance, Job Assistance, and other benefits. The briefing is held every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 0900, 1000, and 1300, Building 210, Room 006, for all Soldiers separating from the military. To schedule an appointment please call 239-2278 or log onto ACAP Secure Portal A valid AKO username and password is required to utilize ACAP services. ACAP is closed every other Friday in alignment with the Garrison Resiliency Days. POC is Mr. McLaurin, 239-3946.