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Off-Post Support

By | December 14, 2009

Alert (Dec. 14, 2009): Army senior leadership has determined that until further notice, due to the stress on the force, there will be no more Army flyovers for civilian events.

Fort Riley offers a variety of personnel and equipment support. To request support, please submit a DD fm 2536 military support request form, or a DD fm 2535 for aviation support, and a cover letter.

All requests may be sent to the Community Relations Office, 405 Pershing Ct, Fort Riley, KS 66442; via phone at (785)239-2022; fax at (785)239-2592; or via e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Effectively immediately the Fort Riley 30-day community request for support policy will be enforced. Community requests for support that are submitted inside of the 30-day window will be declined.

Requests should be submitted between 60 and 120 days prior to the event. Due to world affairs, Fort Riley's community support requests are extremely limited. We appreciate your understanding.

Requests submitted 31-59 days prior to the event are considered a late request and the following prcoedures must be used:


If a request does not meet the 60-120 day requirement, please write a separate letter of justification for the resources, explaining

• A summary of the request (what, when, where, why)

• Why the request is late

• Why the event cannot be rescheduled for a later date if Fort Riley support is critical to success

• Effect on the event if Fort Riley is unable to support the event.

The reason for the 60-120 day requirement is because the Army plans ahead and "locks in" training at least 45 days prior to execution. Requests for Army resources--tours, Soldier support, etc.--take several weeks to process. This includes putting the request into the proper format, reviewing for legal issues, coordinating with units to verify resource availability and officially tasking the unit for the requirement. Thus, 60 days is the lead time we need.

If the request does not meet the 60-day requirement, the PAO can return it without action. If the PAO determines that supporting the event is in the best interests of Fort Riley and the U.S. Army, PAO will process the request as a late request.

All late requests must be approved by the Division Chief of Staff. The letter of justification submitted by the requestor must be strong enough to outweigh disruption of unit training schedules; a decision not taken lightly by the Chief of Staff.

We hope that this information helps you understand the need for advance notice.


Fort Riley Speakers

Speakers are available for ceremonies, community events and local meetings to discuss Fort Riley's past, present and future. Speakers can range from military officials to civilian subject matter experts.

To request a speaker, please fill out a FR fm 905-E Speaker Request and include a cover letter explaining the nature of the event and target audience to the Community Relations Office, 405 Pershing Ct, Fort Riley, KS 66442; fax at 785-239-2592; or via e-mail..


1st Infantry Division Band

The Big Red One's Band mission is to represent the 1st Infantry Division for military ceremonies and the communities that support Fort Riley and Division Soldiers. Capable of performing a variety of music, the ensemble frequently entertains audiences with light overtures, marches, show tunes and big band music of the 40s and 50s.

All requests must pertain to public relations and/or support of a military unit or function. Requests will be screened for relevance and legality and are not automatically approved.


Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard

The Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard provides a link to Fort Riley's historic past. Troopers and horses of this unit are outfitted in the uniforms, accoutrements and equipment of the Civil War period. The mounted unit is available by submitting a DD fm 2536 military request support form and a cover letter.

Parade support

The unit can provide a mounted color guard during parades, carrying your choice of the American flag, Kansas state flag, U.S. Army flag, and Division flag on horseback. The unit's mules and wagon are also available for parades.

Color Guard Demonstration

The mounted demonstration is an exhibition of skill and precision required of a cavalry horse Soldier. It includes various drills and shows using the cavalry saber, .45 caliber revolver and the Springfield carbine. Demonstrations take approximately 15 minutes and include an opportunity to meet the Soldiers and horses.

Cavalry Encampment

Soldiers of the Mounted Color Guard can set up encampments at community events to showcase the history of westward expansion in the United States. Encampments include the chuck wagon and mules, tents, weapons, cooking utensils and other items that demonstrate living conditions of that time period.


Color Guards

A Color Guard is a group of Soldiers who carry selected flags in ceremonies and parades. The color guard can wear a variety of uniforms to include Civil War period uniforms, Class A dress uniforms and the current Army Combat Uniforms.

The Soldiers can carry the American flag, Kansas state flag, U.S. Army flag and the Division flag. To request a color guard, please submit a formal request.

When requesting a Color Guard, please specify which uniforms you would like the Soldiers to wear and which flags you would like them to carry.



Historic Cannons

The oldest unit in the history of the Army, Delta Battery, 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery, is located at Fort Riley. The unit showcases its history through "Old Thunder," a Revolutionary War cannon.

Soldiers of the 4th Battalion, 1st Field Artillery, showcase Civil War era history with an 1853 replica three-inch ordnance rifle cannon.

The cannons may be available for certain ceremonies and are escorted by Soldiers dressed in period uniforms. Please inquire before submitting a DD 2536 military request support form to see if your event meets the criteria for support.

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