Fort Riley, Kansas



ACAP New Online Website

By ACAP Transition Service Manager Glennwood Mclaurin | DHR.ACAP | October 04, 2011

October 2011 ACAP unveiled its new website which can be access at It is more modern, more visually in line with other Army websites and animated. It includes pictures and motivational messages as well as transition and employment information, employers, jobs, links and ACAP Center information. By design, the website is relevant for leaders, AC and RC Soldiers, DA Civilians, retirees, veterans, their Family members and employers. As capabilities such as the online TAP Employment Workshop, VA Benefits and Virtual TAP (VTAP) are made available, ACAP On-LINE will enable users to link to, and receive, virtual services on other websites. ACAP On-Line will also highlight and provide tutorials, downloads and links for most sought after VA and Education information resources. But the real good news is the 2-hour mandatory pre-separation benefit counseling which is required for every Soldier separating from the military, can now be completed on-line at their own pace using the new ACAP Secure Portal at Soldiers will have to login using their AKO login, and complete the briefing. To receive a copy of the briefing, Soldiers will have to come by the ACAP office. It can be completed at home, in the office, or deployed anywhere around the world. If internet access is available, the briefing can be completed. Here at the ACAP Center, we will be able to access our report system and see who completed the briefing. As I speak eight Fort Riley Soldiers have already completed their briefing on-line. Soldiers will also have the capabilities to scheduled other ACAP events and print out appointment slips. Soldiers can still choose to receive the mandatory briefing here at the ACAP Center by calling 239-2278 and schedule an appointment.