Fort Riley, Kansas



USAJOBS eases job hunting

By Pamela Redford | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | May 30, 2012

Applying for jobs at Fort Riley has never been easier, according to assistant human resources officer Tina Lindsly, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.

All government jobs on post – appropriated and nonappropriated-funded positions – are listed through

Using the "What" and "Where" search tools, job seekers can find a position by job type or location with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

As of May 11, 32 listings were open at Fort Riley. That number fluctuates all the time as positions open and close in the system, Lindsly said.

Once the desired announcement has been spotted, one must sign in or create a new account to actually apply for the job.

Lindsly recommends checking USAJOBS at least every three days and making sure to read announcements in their entirety.

Many people just gloss over the job description and don't pay attention to key words and phrases they should use in their own resumes, or they neglect to upload requested forms, Lindsly said.

Answering all required information, using the verbiage in the announcement, and making sure to provide all required materials before the listing closes, she said, is crucial to meeting the minimum requirements and being rated eligible for consideration.

Because USAJOBS is a global website, jobs are not listed for as long as they were in the past, Lindsly said. There is now a bigger pool of applicants.

"We want to make sure we get qualified applicants, but not so many that the manager can't handle the referral list," she said.

Lindsly also suggests paying close attention to the closing date and saving the announcement to "Saved Jobs" for easy access after log-in. A job will never be announced for less than three business days, she said.

After a listing closes, the system will pool all information and generate a referral list through USA Staffing, Lindsly said. Being rated eligible or in-eligible is never determined by the system, she said, it is based on the answers an applicant fills out in the assessment questionnaires. From there, the referral list is sent directly to the selecting official for consideration.

Another way to find a job at Fort Riley is to visit and click on the "Employment" tab. From there, select "Fort Riley Jobs" or "Surrounding Area Jobs" to see a list of current vacancies.

Under surrounding area jobs, the Employment Readiness Program regularly updates a list of jobs and job fair information.

Through Army Community Service, the ERP "assists clients in overcoming the difficulties associated with finding employment through education, training opportunities, job search assistance, career planning, resume review and development assistance," according to its website at

Job seekers who have experience with ERP are generally more confident and put more thought into their applications, Lindsly said.

Outside of health care and fire and safety, the most hiring being done right now through CPAC is for NAF positions, she said.

Lifeguards, food and beverage attendants, Child Youth and School Service program assistants and cooks are some of the NAF jobs currently listed through USAJOBS.