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BE VIGILANT - See something, say something: August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month

By Unknown | iWatch | August 13, 2012

Story by: Chris Hallenbeck, AT OFFICE

Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, worldwide threat to Army forces and Army Families. Radical extremist ideologies and separatist movements continue to have an anti-western and anti-U.S. orientation, which threatens the nation. The Army must sustain a strong defensive posture to prevent terrorist acts and protect Army critical assets – people, critical infrastructure and sensitive information.

The Department of the Army has designated August 2012 as Antiterrorism Awareness Month and provides Army wide initiatives aimed at promoting heightened awareness against terrorist activities.

Although post officials promote antiterrorism awareness at Fort Riley continuously, the month of August has been set aside to introduce new antiterrorism awareness products, information and threat indicators to the installation's community.

The overall purpose is to instill and sustain installation-wide heightened awareness and vigilance to prevent and protect the Fort Riley community and critical resources from acts of both international and domestic terrorism.

In conjunction with the iWATCH program, officials want to empower every Soldier, civilian, and Family member of the Fort Riley community to be a sensor to help identify, report and prevent a potential terrorist act toward the community.

Antiterrorism officials will be introducing the TRAPWIRE Suspicious Activity/Person Indicator Card. The TRAPWIRE program was established as an outreach program to promote recognizing and reporting suspicious activity and information sharing with specific businesses that may sell products of interest to terrorists as they attempt to make homemade explosives or other devices used to target Soldiers, Family members, the civilian workforce and the community.

In coordination with Antiterrorism Month, five weekly themes were developed to help bring the community into focus with the overall theme of "Sustaining an Armywide heightened Awareness and Vigilance."

The themes are:

• Aug. 1 to 3: Garrison commanders Antiterrorism Awareness Month proclamation

• Aug. 6 to 10: iWATCH; Recognizing and reporting suspicious activity

• Aug. 13 to 17: Performing threat analysis and information sharing

• Aug. 20 to 24: Leveraging the Command Information program and Public Affairs

• Aug. 27 to 31: Reinforcing the importance of the criticality assessment process

For more information about Antiterrorism Month, call the Fort Riley Antiterrorism Office and speak with Chris Hallenbeck at 785-239-6303 or Patrick Burch at 785-240-6127.

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