Fort Riley, Kansas



WTB receives wheelchair donation

By IACH | May 19, 2014

Local and state representatives of two national service organizations recently donated a motorized wheelchair to the Fort Riley Warrior Transition Battalion. Representatives of the Food Industry Serving Heroes, or FISH, and the American Legion presented the gift at a small April 14 ceremony at the Soldier and Family Assistance Center.

FISH is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of troops, veterans and their families.

The American Legion is a veterans’ service organization chartered by Congress about 100 years ago. Paul Chapa, FISH chairman and president, presented the chair to Lt. Col. Eric L. Schmidt, commander, WTB. Sally Sowell, director, SFAC, received the chair and provided the FISH members with a plaque of appreciation and recognition for their donation.

“The motorized wheelchair is a great piece of equipment to have for our Soldiers who come into the WTB with extremity issues,” Sowell said. “When they first arrive, they do not have everything they need, and that is when this type of equipment comes in handy.

“The SFAC will keep and maintain this motorized wheelchair until there is a specific need from one our families.”
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