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COMMUNITY CORNER - Take proper precautions to avoid heat-related injuries during summer

By Col. Andrew Cole | GARRISON COMMANDER | July 03, 2014

As you enjoy these warm summer months, keep in mind the role temperatures may play in your activities. Whether you are mowing the lawn, taking a motorcycle ride with a buddy, playing a friendly game of softball, riding bikes with family or out on the lake with friends, take proper precautions to avoid heat injury.

Hydration and good nutrition are two of the most important aspects of preventing heat injury.

When in hot temperatures for prolonged periods of time, the key is to stay cool – and keep your body temperature regulated. Staying cool may be as simple as making simple changes to your fluid intake, activities and clothing during hot weather.

To protect your health and safety when temperatures are extremely high, remember:

• Pay attention to weather reports and adjust daily routines accordingly.

• Schedule physically strenuous activities for cooler times.

• Allow several days to adjust to hot environments.

• Dress in light, loose, cotton clothing. Wide-brimmed hats help keep you cool as well.

• When working outside, take periodic rest breaks in a cool area.

• Drink plenty of noncarbonated fluids before, during and after physical activities. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which are diuretics – substances that increase water loss via the urine.

• If you are taking medication, ask your doctor about its side effects.

• Keep cool with fans, air conditioning and cool baths or showers.

• Get plenty of sleep and eat light, nutritious and non-fatty meals.

• Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle.

• Rest in the shaded areas often and don’t forget your sun block.

Many experts have said that the months between May and August are the most dangerous.

More than half of all injuries occur during these four months.

Family barbecues, swimming, fishing, softball, hiking, boating and camping are just a few of the activities that fill perfect summer days. Let’s make sure we only leave these events with great memories – not sunburns and heat exhaustion.

Have a safe and happy summer.

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