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BEYOND THE GATES – Go big, go Kansas

By Julie Fiedler | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | July 21, 2014

Editor’s note: This is a monthly commentary column by staff writer Julie Fiedler called, Beyond the Gates. In Beyond the Gates, Julie helps Soldiers, family members, civilians and retirees discover Kansas by highlighting local destinations, fun and easy day trips, as well as quirky Kansas attractions.

America is a land of big landscapes. What better way to fill them than with big roadside attractions?

I love coming across a “world’s largest” – World’s Largest Pistachio Nut (New Mexico), World’s Largest Rocking Chair (Missouri), World’s Largest Drug Store (South Dakota). I relish in their ridiculousness, and at my own ridiculousness for relishing in them as much as I do.

The United States is teeming with gargantuan art to surprise and delight intrepid travelers. Kansas is no exception.

In addition to boasting the World’s Largest Hairball, Garden City, Kansas; the World’s Largest Hand Dug Well, Greensburg, Kansas; and the World’s Largest Prairie Dog, Oakley, Kansas; Kansas boasts other creatures largest and pretty darned big.

If you’re hitting the road and want to take in some quirky attractions – big, small or simply odd – check out some of these gems. Stopping for a quick selfie just might make it into your own record books as “most memorable trip.”   

To plan a grand adventure of your own, check out some of these resources for inspiration.

Search by town or attraction name across the U.S. This website has been my trusted go-to source for finding wacky waypoints to break up a trip for several years.

This website has a Kansas trip planner, plus a section called Things to Do. There, you will find Yellow Brick Road Trip with suggested day trips, roadside attractions and more.

Discover itineraries for Kansas City, including “10 Quirky Attractions and Exhibits.” I still need to cross a few more of these off my list!

This site provides listings by town, many of which also have their own visitors’ websites with more detailed information.

A simple web search can open untold wonders. 
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