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COMMUNITY CORNER - RILEY values: Respect and dignity, Integrity, Learning, Excellence, Yes to service

By Col. Andrew Cole | GARRISON COMMANDER | July 25, 2014

Col. Andrew Cole, Garrison CommanderFort Riley is a great place to live and work. Our RILEY values Respect and Dignity, Integrity, Learning, Excellence, and Yes to Service are the core values we live by on this installation. Take a moment to reflect on these values, consider what they mean to you and how they apply to your lives today.


The Army’s greatest asset is people. To build healthy workplace relationships, we must always treat others with respect and dignity. Respect and dignity do not mean we won’t disagree, but we can do so with logic while being respectful and preserving each other’s dignity. That’s first and foremost of our RILEY values.


When you do what is right at all times, in all situations, without expecting anything in return and when no one is watching, that is integrity. Fostering a culture of integrity allows us to maintain trust between one another as we live, work, train and fight next to each other every day. Integrity is essential to our success as a community and as an Army.


Complacency or even remaining in a rut where we carry out duties the same way we’ve always done it then can be dangerous. We live and work in a world that evolves constantly. To remain efficient and effective, we must aim tirelessly to increase our skills, knowledge and expertise. Continuous learning within our personal and professional lives is essential in today’s Army and in today’s world. Learning is also an important source of motivation, stimulation and job satisfaction. Our organization can only grow and develop successfully by continuous learning and developmental processes.


Our Army is not one of mediocrity. We strive for success. We aim for perfection. We fight to win. Make today count. We ought to strive for excellence and seek continuous improvements. At the end of each day, you should be able to ask yourself, “Did I do the absolute best I could today?” If you can answer yes to that question, you’ve done your job, and I can appreciate that.


By being here today and doing your jobs, you said yes to service. Every morning you drive through the gates, our guards check your ID cards, wish you a great day and say “Duty First!” to which you respond “Victory!” You have placed your duties first, regardless of the circumstances. Yes to service does not only mean raising your right hand to serve your nation, but it’s also about taking care of one another. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication to our Soldiers, our mission, our families and our community.

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