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Electronic technician creates TSC operating system from ground up

By Jessica Healey | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | August 04, 2014

“Everything is done through e-commerce now,” said Matthew Allain, electronic technician, Training Support Center, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security.

E-commerce meaning through electronic systems, he added.

Allain built an electronic system for the TSC from the ground up. The project has been evolving for more than four years.

He was recognized as Employee of the Month for April during a June 26 ceremony and honored as an Installation Management Command Hero of the Day.

“I just built it from the ground up, and, literally, every inch of code has been built for this particular process,” Allain said.

The system executes all functions of the TSC and every inch of code runs approximately 20,000 lines, all written by Allain.

The system, often referred to as the catalog system by personnel at Fort Riley, includes a catalog ordering system available at kiosks at the TSC and remotely through SharePoint; an inventory function; and a way to track orders as they are processed through the center.

The TSC provides training support, classrooms and equipment to the units at Fort Riley, local communities, as well as some neighboring states.

The facility offers almost 350 training devices, which breaks down into more than 200,000 line items that the catalog system tracks.

Everyone keeps on the same page with the catalog system because it streamlines how everyone communicates, from the customers to the different components within the TSC, Allain said.

Several stations with display screens are located throughout the facility, allowing employees to monitor orders placed, orders available for pick-up, and customer arrivals for pick-ups.

“It’s great for time management,” Allain said. “Every time someone places an order, it pops up on the screen.”

The screen will tell the employees if an order was generated at the facility or from another location.

The ability to place orders remotely is particularly helpful to U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard units located in neighboring states, Allain said.

The catalog system also allows employees to prepare orders ahead of time so when customers arrive for pick up, orders are ready and waiting.

“It doesn’t replace personnel; it increases the efficiency of the personnel,” said Troy Russell, director, TSC, DPTMS. “That translates into a better product and, hopefully, a happier work force.”

Metrics inside the system keep track of availability of items and how often items are used. There is also built in feedback features to allow customers to rate products.

“It increases efficiency through integration and decreases the workload,” Allain said. “The aim is to relieve confusion as much as possible because confusion can really waste time.”  
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