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RECYCLING CENTER - Sharp instruments can be dangerous to recycle center staff

December 15, 2017 —      Let’s get to the point; sharps can be dangerous to people working at the Fort Riley Recycle Center.      I am not talking about the Army SHARP Training, but needles, syringes, epinephrine pens, insulin pens and other medical sharp objects. While it has not happened recently, recycle center staff have been stabbed by syringe needles that we’re MORE

Recycling, reuse made easy at center

November 24, 2017 —       Editor’s Note: This story is part four of a four-part series on the Directorate of Public Works – Environmental Division.      Just off 4th Street at Camp Funston is the Hazardous Materials Processing Center, building 1930 — a facility that assists Fort Riley in meeting environmental requirements, saving the installation money and helping MORE
Paint products sit on a shelf at the Hazardous Materials Processing Center to be reissued to a unit or on-post organization for reuse after being previously turned in to the HMPC.

Recycle Center helps Soldiers stay, save green

October 12, 2017 —      A new state-of-art sorting machine the Recycle Center at Camp Funston Sept. 2016.      The single-stream processing system can handle the many types of materials the center receives from across the installation.     The Recycle Center receives truckloads from the Corvias on-post military housing, various offices, motor pools across the MORE
The Recycle Center, building 1980 on Camp Funston, processed more than 3 million pounds of material during fiscal year 2017. During this time, the center made about $850,000. The center is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and closed for Resiliency Days off.

RECYCLING CENTER - Life of cans: tale of two cans

September 12, 2017 —      Once upon a time there were two pop cans sitting next to each other on a shelf in a house at Fort Riley. Both held the same cold beverage inside. However, their futures would be vastly different due to what happened to them after the cold beverage inside was gone.      The first can, we will call Lanny. After the beverage inside him was gone, MORE


September 1, 2017 —      People can tell you that you should recycle because it is good for the environ­ment. However, some don’t know there are many reasons to recycle and many benefits to the environment from recycling. This article will look at some of those reasons and why it is good for Fort Riley when you choose to put recyclable materials in the recycle bin MORE

Recycling benefits more than just environment

August 28, 2017 —      Did you know you can earn money for your Unit’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation account by recycling? The Fort Riley Recycle Program pays back units who recycle. When a unit brings white or mixed colors paper, newspapers, aluminum, steel cans, glass, number 1 to 7 plastic types, toner cartridges or white plastic foam, such as takeout containers MORE

RECYCLING CENTER - Look for green — recycle, keep it clean

July 28, 2017 —      In the heat of a summer day, employees at the Fort Riley Recycle Center are using a state-of-the-art recycling sorter to separate cans, bottles, cardboard, plastic and other recyclables.      The machine comes to a screeching halt. Work is stopped so workers can remove dirty diapers, bags of cat litter and car parts from the conveyer belt that MORE
Unacceptable Items for Recycling.

Recycling summit addresses common problems in housing community

July 25, 2017 —      A recycling summit was hosted by Chris Otto, recycle and solid waste coordinator for the Directorate of Public Works - Environmental Division, July 12 to address the common issues in the Fort Riley housing areas regarding recycling.      Staff of DPW and Corvias, the on-post housing contractor, brainstormed ways to make recycling easier for MORE

Recycling Center reopens with new sorting system

September 23, 2016 —      After the completion of a $3.8 million project, the recycling center at Fort Riley has a new sorting system. To the staff it’s not just a sorting system. It has the ability to increase the productivity eight-fold from what it once was.      “Where before we could process 100 pounds, now we can process 800 pounds in that same amount of time MORE
Staff of the Fort Riley Recycling Center sort recyclable material Sept. 14 after the installation of a new sorting machine. The machine allows staff to be more aggressive with what they take in. “Where before we could process 100 pounds now we can process 800 pounds in that same amount of time using the same amount of labor we used before,” said Herb Abel, Fort Riley’s Environmental Chief, Directorate of Public Works.

Douthit Range staff helps Soldiers meet recycling goals

November 23, 2015 — Recycling is second nature to the staff at the Douthit Gunnery Complex at Fort Riley. And so is giving back to the troops. Instead of hauling the recyclables to the Fort Riley Recycling Center, Fred Siebe, manager of the Douthit Gunnery Complex, said he thinks giving the recyclables directly to the troops at Fort Riley is more meaningful. “As long MORE
Fred Siebe, manager of the Douthit Gunnery Complex at Fort Riley, helps a Soldier from 299th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, collect and load recyclable items which will become funds for the unit through the Troop Incentive Program at Fort Riley.

Fort Riley holds recycling events

July 15, 2015 — The Fort Riley RecyclingCenter, Directorate of Public Works and the Environmental Waste Management Centerhosted household hazardous waste collection events June 23 at Riley’s ConferenceCenter and June 24 at the McClellen Place Neighborhood Center. “We host these events tomake it easier for customers or Soldiers to recycle,” said Rick MORE
Walt Eagleburger, member of the pollution prevention branch of Directorate of Public Works, displays free issue items at the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event June 23 at the McClellen Place Neighborhood.

Hazardous waste collection event helps Fort Riley community recycle close to home

November 14, 2014 — Fort Riley hazardous wasterecycling went mobile Oct. 17 and 18. Collection points forhazardous waste were set up at the Colyer Forsyth and Warner Peterson communitycenters. “Essentially, this event isjust taking the Environmental Waste Management and Hazardous Materialprocessing centers and making them mobile,” said Rick Doll, MORE
Collection barrels sit ready for any hazardous waste Fort Riley community members drop off Oct. 18 during the Hazardous Waste Collection event at the Warner Peterson Community Center.

Recycling center shreds chances of identity theft

August 14, 2014 — Recycling may not be the firstthing that comes to mind when someone thinks of identity theft protection, butthe two subjects went hand in hand during National Military Consumer ProtectionDay July 16 at Fort Riley. National Military Consumer ProtectionDay highlights consumer protection and education issues for military consumers.In observance of the MORE
Janet Schaad, administrative support assistant, Fort Riley Recycling Center, DPW, prepares an information table about National Military Consumer Protection Day July 16 at Fort Riley.