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Medics On The Run

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, Iraq- The morning began like every other Monday with a formation at 5:45 a.m. in front of the aid station for Physical Training (PT). The medics of Charlie Company, 201st FSB do PT five days a week, Monday through Friday. Monday is their long run day, but on October 11th, they were able to choose what they wanted to MORE
Back row: left to right: 1st Lt. Jesse Blaton, 1st Sgt. Manuel Doyle, Maj. Daniel Butler, Staff Sgt. Kassanda Boulier. Front row: left to right; Spc. Mahamame Hamidou, Sgt. Brandy Gainsley

Police Station in a Box Installed in Samarra

May 09, 2007 — SAMARRA, Iraq- Soldiers from Task Force 1-26 Infantry installed the seventh Police Station in a Box in northeast Samarra on Oct. 30.As the Iraqi Security Forces assume a greater role in the protection of the city, they are making more decisions about the mechanics of law enforcement.On Oct. 26, the Iraqi Police Service formally requested that MORE
Emplacing Police Station in a Box #7 in a field vicinity of RTE Lakers and 50th Street  (Photo courtesy of  Task Force 1-26 Infantry)

2nd BCT Providers Helping the People of Samarra

May 09, 2007 — SAMARRA, Iraq- In the cooperative efforts to build a stable and safe nation for the people of Iraq, the providers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT) ventured into Samarra, Iraq on 13 October 2004 to provide much needed medical and dental care. Their mission was to assist the Ministry of Health by assessing the delivery of health care for the MORE
Nathan Carlson, 299th FSB Dentist, at the Al-Qatool Clinic in Samarra, Iraq (Photo by Capt. Vincent Mase, 2nd Brigade Combat Team)

Al Zahara Health Clinic opens

May 09, 2007 — BALAD, Iraq - On Wednesday, October 13th, Soldiers from B Company, Task Force 1-77 Steel Tigers, conducted a grand opening ceremony for the recently completed Al Zahara Health Clinic.The clinic, in the Al Zahara Quarter of Balad, is located just across the street from Forward Operating Base PALIWODA, the Task Forces home during their year long MORE
Al Zahara Health Clinic opens

Samarra Police train with international police officers

May 08, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE SEVEN, Iraq As the lone terrorist approached the Samarra Police checkpoint, an officer ordered the man to halt. But he ignored the command, drew a pistol and pointed it at the officers.Immediately, several of the policemen pointed their weapons at him as they surrounded the man. Had they been soldiers, the officers would MORE
Officers from the 3rd Public Order Battalion detainee practice detaining techniques during a training exercise at Forward Operating Base Seven in December. The officers were preparing to take over policing duties in the city of Samarra at the end of the month. They were being trained by military and civilian officials, including George Clark, an international police officer and Philadelphia resident who played the role of the detainee. (Photo by Spc. Ismail Turay Jr., 196th MPAD)

2-108th Infantry Transfers authority to 1-128th Infantry

May 08, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE ORYAN, BALAD, Iraq ‑‑ As one infantry battalion completed a chapter of its history, another began expanding its lore.The 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment officially transferred authority of the southern Salah Ad Din Province and northern Baghdad to 1st Battalion, 128th Infantry Regiment during a 45 minute ceremony on MORE
Col. Randall Dragon, far left, commander of the 30th Brigade Combat Team, and Commander Sgt. Maj. John Calpena, second from right, presented the New York-based 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment leaders with two gifts during a turn over of authority ceremony at Forward Operating Base O'Ryan on Dec. 27. The Army National Guard unit was replaced by the 1-128th, an Army National Guard unit from Wisconsin. (Photo by Spc. Ismail Turay Jr., 196th MPAD)

Dialing the Right Number in Diyala

May 08, 2007 — DIYALA PROVINCE, Iraq- In tactical situations Soldiers know that they must follow three fundamental principles: shoot, move and communicate. The last guideline is crucial, for effective communications systems enable military leaders to instruct their Soldiers about the next target they should shoot at and the direction of their next MORE
Iraqi workers unload telecommunications equipment at a new storage facility in Diyala. (Photo courtesy of 411th Civil Affairs)

Bravo Detachment, 106th Finance Battalion Reflects Back on Tour in Iraq

May 08, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, Iraq- As Bravo Detachment, 106th Finance Battalion (The Diamondbacks), gets ready to re-deploy back to Germany, we reflect back on our year in Iraq to see how far weve come, missions accomplished, and friendships made. As the sole source of funding for 3BCT, 1st Infantry Division, the Diamondbacks have traveled far MORE
Bravo Detachment, 106th Finance Battalion Reflects Back on Tour in Iraq

Engineer Soldiers earn recently activated Sapper tabs

May 08, 2007 — KIRKUK AIR BASE, Iraq Sixteen Sappers from Company B, 65th Engineer Battalion were awarded their long awaited Sapper tabs in a ceremony held here on Dec. 11.Army Chief of Staff General Peter Schoomaker granted the wear of the tab last June to Sappers who have completed the 28-day Sapper Leaders Course as part of the U.S. Army Engineer School at MORE
Sgt. 1st Class Timothy Hargrave looks down on his de Fleury medal that he just received during a Sapper tab ceremony on Dec. 11. Hargrave and Sgt. 1st Class Douglas Marsh were awarded the de Fleury medal for lifetime achievement in the engineer world. (Sgt. Sean Kimmons)

Soldiers celebrate Christmas in Baqubah

May 08, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, BAQUBAH, Iraq -- As Capt. Papa Ron Talarico finished reading his personalized, OIF II rendering of Twas the Night Before Christmas, which included visions of illumination rounds replacing sugar plums and camo netting hung from the towers replacing stockings from the chimneys the children (well, 3BCT Soldiers) MORE
Capt. "Papa" Ron Talarico relates his own, OIF II version of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" during a Christmas show held at FOB Warhorse in Ba'qubah, Iraq, Dec. 22. (Photo by Sgt. Kimberly Snow, 196th MPAD)

Operation Lion Cub culminates with Christmas donations

May 08, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq- Members of Headquarters Company, 2nd Brigade Combat Team loaded up for a convoy with a very different load than they normally carry on December 21.This convoy had been dubbed the Christmas Convoy, and their mission was to deliver a load of toys to the children of the villages of Al Alam, Al Owja and Wynott. The mission was a huge MORE
Spc. Pamela Grey distributes toys and school supplies. (Photo courtesy of 2nd Brigade Combat Team)

Soldiers prove flexible as their mission changes

May 08, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq- A Finance Support Team (FST) from Alpha detachment, 106th Finance Battalion was forward deployed to provide finance support to several remote forward operating bases on December 7th. When returning from the finance mission, the convoy was redirected to provide security for an overturned oil tanker driven by a local national. The oil MORE

Transportation Platoon reenlists several dedicated Soldiers

May 08, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARRIOR, Iraq The 225th Forward Support Battalion has had a transportation platoon attached to them from the 725th Main Support Battalion since November 2003.This 40 Soldier platoon has made a tremendous impact on mission accomplishment during Operation Iraqi Freedom II and will eventually leave their mark on the upcoming MORE
Transportation Platoon reenlists several dedicated Soldiers

Christmas spirit alive and well in Tikrit

May 08, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE DAGGER, TIKRIT, Iraq Despite being in a combat zone, Christmas spirit was not lost on 1st Infantry Division Soldiers in Iraq.With the help of his mother, Capt. Aaron Titko of Pickerington, Ohio, collected hundreds of presents for Soldiers in his battalion while Staff Sgt. Mark Dennler, an Army Reservist and Centerville, MORE
Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team enjoy Christmas dinner at Forward Operating Base Dagger in Tikrit, Iraq. Second Lieutenant Raven Burkowski, an Akron native, helped organize the dinner and decorated the dinning hall in a palace that belonged to Saddam Hussein. (Photo by Spc. Ismail Turay Jr., 196th MPAD)

Task Force Danger Soldiers participate in holiday scavenger hunt

May 08, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, TIKRIT Iraq As part of the Twelve Days of Christmas Celebration, coordinators for the Morale, Welfare and Recreation center here held a holiday scavenger hunt recently for Soldiers.Soldiers had four hours to obtain an array of holiday-related items, from a Christmas napkin to a snow globe. Troops worked in teams MORE
Spc. Brandon J. Dalia, a logistics specialist with Alpha Company, 701st Main Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, looks over a holiday scavenger hunt list from Barbara L. Syler, a Morale, Welfare & Recreation coordinator with Kellog, Brown & Root at Forward Operating Base Speicher in Tikrit, Iraq. A native of Troy, Pa., this was Dalia's first scavenger hunt. (Photo Spc. Sherree Casper, 196th MPAD)