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Ishaki Health Clinic is renovated, re-opens

May 09, 2007 — Task Force 1-77 participated in the opening of a health clinic on June 23 in the city of Ishaki, Iraq. The Ishaki Health Clinic, located approximately 20 kilometers west of Balad, is the main health care center for the city and surrounding area with a population over 20,000 Iraqis.The Ishaki City Council brought the health clinic to the attention MORE
Ishaki Health Clinic is renovated, re-opens

Band contributing to war in a different way

May 09, 2007 — The 1st Infantry Division Band does more than march in parades. The ensembles Soldiers are assigned to the Division Personnel Section (G-1) as a morale asset, but they also can be found pulling guard duty, driving busses and entertaining troops in small groups that run the gamut from jazz to rock and roll.In addition to belonging to the 1st ID MORE
Members of Sandbox Twenty, one of two rock groups from the 1st Infantry Division Band, play on stage in front of one of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's palaces on Forward Operating Base Danger, Iraq.  (Photo by SFC Chuck Joseph, 196th MPAD)

The Big M!

May 09, 2007 — When soldiers come to our office or approach our support teams on missions, we make it a top priority to correct their pay or provide the appropriate service to them. We want soldiers on patrol to worry about their mission, not their pay. Charlie Detachment is on the road nearly every day throughout the week doing this. We travel by vehicle convoy MORE

The 30th Iraqi National Guard Brigade unfurls colors, gets new vehicles

May 09, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq During a brief ceremony at Forward Operating Base Speicher Wednesday afternoon the 30th Iraqi National Guard Brigade unfurled its colors and received more than 60 brand-new vehicles from Coalition Forces.Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team handed over 31 Mitzubishi 2004 diesel four-wheel pickup trucks and 35 Czechoslovakian-made MORE
Members of the 30th Iraqi National Guard Brigade unfurl their colors during a brief ceremony before receiving 66 vehicles from Coalition Forces.  (Photo by Spc. Sherree Casper, 196th MPAD)


May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE ROUGH RIDER, ours-a-day like its civilian counterpart, but Wong-Mart provides just as much convenience to Soldiers here.A take off on Wal-Mart, the giant discount retailer, Wong-Mart is the product of several innovative Soldiers on this forward operating base. Essentially, they saw a need and filled it.If you stock it they MORE
SFC Kevin R. Wong of Charleston, W.Va., stocks the innovative post exchange at FOB Rough Rider that bears part of his name as "clerk" SPC James R. Smith looks on.  (Photo by Spc. Sherree Casper, 196th MPAD)

225th LTF Strikes Lightning For Operation Dragon Victory

May 09, 2007 — Forward Operating Base WARRIOR On June 19, a Logistics Task Force (LTF) comprised of companies from the 225th Forward Support Battalion (FSB), 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 25th ID (L) departed FOB Warrior for An Najaf on Operation Dragon Victory.The mission is to provide logistical support for all of the Task Force Danger operations in An Najaf. MORE

Task Force 1-7 Conducts Joint Operations with Iraqi Security Forces

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE SUMMERALL, Bayji, Iraq -- In recent weeks, the 1st Infantry Divisions Task Force 1-7 Field Artillery has conducted an increasing number of joint operations with elements of the Iraqi National Police (INP) and Iraqi National Guard (ING).As part of an increasing effort to transition security duties, the ISF are becoming more MORE
Task Force 1-7 Field Artillery and Iraqi National Guard vehicles prepare to depart on a joint mission.  (Photo by Spc. Jonathon Benton)

The Black Hawk helicopter ... workhorse in the air

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq - At first glance, the hangar appears to contain the remnants of Saddams air force strewn across the floor.Aircraft parts clutter every corner, table and workbench. Upon further study, a helicopter emerges from a cleared area in the middle of the work bay. The superstructure is up on stands. Its shed skin is MORE
Spc. Jason M. Burdick (standing), and Spc. Ray C. Winey, both crew chiefs from Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment, 4th Aviation Brigade, conduct a portion of the inspection on a UH-60L Black Hawk.  (Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Chuck Joseph, 196th MPAD)

701st Fuelers Light Up FOB Speicher

May 09, 2007 — Imagine an operation that requires you to be on the job 24 hours a day, on call at any time. Imagine a job that involves pushing thousands of gallons of fuel to units on FOB Speicher, a shift starting at 0100 hours and ending at 1300 hours. Imagine driving for 12 hours all across FOB Speicher to ensure that your fellow Soldiers have electricity. It MORE

Acting Secretary of the Army Brownlee visits 2nd BCT Soldiers in Iraq

May 09, 2007 — KIRKUK AIR BASE, Iraq The top civilian in the Army met with 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division (Light) Soldiers to honor and commend their duty supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom II when he visited the base Aug. 27.The distinguished visitor was Acting Secretary of the Army Honorable Les Brownlee, and with a smile on his face and a MORE
Acting Secretary of the Army Honorable Les Brownlee, answers a question from a 2nd BCT Soldier in the audience during his visit to Kirkuk Air Base Aug. 27. (Photo by Spc. Sean Kimmons 25th ID (L) PAO)

City council transcends cultures

May 09, 2007 — AS SA DIYAH, Iraq Capt. Jonathan M. Stewart is used to delivering things, but not just because the Ohio National Guardsman is a postal carrier in the civilian world.As special advisor for As Sa Diyah and Jalawla, the Commander of Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 252nd Armor Regiment helps bring projects in the area to fruition.The problem is that he MORE
Capt. Jonathan M. Stewart, Commander of Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 252nd Armor Regiment, is a special advisor for the cities of As Sa Diyah and Jalawla.  The Ohio National Guardsman speaks with members of the city council in As Sa Diyah. (Photo by Spc. Sherree Casper, 196th MPAD)

Providing for the children through I CAN

May 09, 2007 — The Iraqi Children Assistance Network (I CAN) was established to allow American Soldiers the opportunity to work with Iraqi children and provide them with hope for a brighter future.Through Operation I CAN, Soldiers distribute donated school supplies and toys to Iraqi children. Soldiers have distributed over 100 boxes of donated school supplies MORE
Spec. Erik Martiz, from the 4-3 Air Defense Artillery, distributes school supplies in support of Operation I Can. (Photo by 1st Lt. William A. Diefenbach, 4-3 Air Defense Artillery)

DFAC #5 Coming Soon to the BSA

May 09, 2007 — Looking across the Brigade Support Area towards the sunset, Soldiers in the 299th Forward Support Battalion are excited to see Dining Facility Five (DFAC #5) towering above the horizon. The new Dining Facility will be a short walk for all tenets of the BSA. This will be the fifth DFAC at LSA Anaconda and is being constructed to support the Soldiers MORE
DFAC #5 Coming Soon to the BSA

1st Infantry Division brings electricity to remote villages in Sulymaniyah province

May 09, 2007 — At the village of Cany Miran we can see the first hand benefits of the rural electrification projects recently completed by the 1st Infantry Davison in Sulymaniyah province.Cany Miran is a small village far away from any populated areas and electrical distribution lines. The cost to build lines to this remote area is far too high to make it MORE
1st Infantry Division brings electricity to remote villages in Sulymaniyah province

Medical assessment success in Qara Tapa

May 09, 2007 — FOB COBRA, Iraq - Deliberately the serials of military vehicles from the Multi National Forces (MNF), 30th Brigade Combat Team (BCT), rolled into a small village near the town of Qara Tapa in northeastern Iraq. Children lined the streets as the Soldiers on a planned Medical Assessment mission poured into the austere trades school carrying cases of MORE