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Smoke Platoon makes history

May 09, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq On September 25, the Smoke Platoon from 12th Chemical Company was given the warning order to prepare for a smoke mission in Samarra, in support of Operation Baton Rouge. The mission called for the Smoke Platoon to provide screening smoke for B Company, 9th Engineer Battalion while they emplaced a Traffic Control Point near Alternate MORE

Emergency Services Unit conducts exercise

May 09, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq: The Tikrit Emergency Service Unit in cooperation with Task Force 1-18 Infantry conducted its second emergency response exercise Oct. 20 in order to sustain critical skills and demonstrate proficiency.The exercise was a hostage scenario based in Tikrit that also included the Tikrit Fire Department. The training included an After Action MORE
Members of the Tikrit Fire Department provide support to members of the Emergency Services Unit (ESU), a specialized section of the Iraqi Police, during a hostage response exercise in Tikrit, Iraq on Oct. 20. The ESU trains with the International Police Advisors and the Iraqi National Guard.  (Photo by Spc. Elizabeth Erste, Combat Camera)

ING Medics Receive CPR Training

May 09, 2007 — KIRKUK, Iraq Soldiers from the 208th ING Battalion and Task Force 1-21 Infantry medics participated in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation training here Oct. 17.Training on CPR is essential to developing the basic lifesaving skills required of ING medics. This training event gave the ING medics a better understanding of how to use CPR to save the lives MORE
ING Medics Receive CPR Training

MPs teach and learn in Diyala

May 09, 2007 — DIYALA PROVINCIAL POLICE HEADQUARTERS, BAQUBAH, Iraq -- Sgt. Jon H. Fouts sat talking on the telephone from a small desk on the second floor of the Diyala Province Police Headquarters, having placed a morale call home to his wife, when an explosion rocked the building.I quickly told my wife Gotta go! and hung up, which left her in a panic, he said. MORE
Sgt. Jon H. Fouts, an artilleryman-turned-Military Police Officer with the New Hampshire Army National Guard, places a morale call home to his wife, Candy. Fouts, a native of Plymouth, New Hampshire, is deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. (Photo by Sgt. Kimberly Snow, 196th MPAD)

Four projects improve life in Bayji

May 09, 2007 — BAYJI, Iraq ‑ Citizens of Bayji made great strides in becoming a more self-sufficient city with the official opening of four different projects between Sept. 21 and 25.The projects included the Al Bayji Bridge, Municipal Housing Asphalt Plant, Joint Coordination Center and Hijaj Medical Clinic.These projects have helped establish an unstoppable MORE
Lt. Col. Kyle McClelland, Task Force 1-7 Commander and Anus Ali Alwash, Deputy Director of the Hijaj Medical Clinic, cut the ribbon to the HMC during its official opening September 25. (Photo by Spc. Joseph Louis Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)

Team LNO: 2nd BCT, 25th IDs link to the 1st Infantry Division

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE DANGER, Iraq Located 70 miles from 1st Infantry Division headquarters, Col. Lloyd Miles, commander of 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Inf. Div. (Light), cannot always be present to attend meetings and interact with the commanding general here inside the city of Tikrit.He relies on four personnel, called Team LNO [liaison MORE
Capt. Jesse Hunter, a member of Team LNO, discusses a 2nd BCT issue over a DNVT telephone at FOB Danger with another Soldier at Kirkuk Air Base on Oct. 13. (Photo by Spc. Sean Kimmons, 25th ID (L) PAO )

Brass Quintet turns briefing room into concert hall

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE DANGER, TIKRIT, Iraq While Carnegie Hall may be thousands of miles away, 1st Infantry Division Soldiers were treated recently to the same sounds many of their civilian counterparts fork over big bucks for.The 1st Infantry Division Bands Brass Quintet gave a concert featuring the works of Andrea Gabrieli, Victor Ewald and MORE
Sgt. Marcus Davis plays the tuba during a concert with the 1st Infantry Division Band's Brass Quintet. (Photo by Spc. Sherree Casper, 196th MPAD)

Possibly the Oldest Infantryman in Iraq

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE ORYAN, Iraq Task Force 2-108th Infantry of the New York Army National Guard had celebrated the birthday of, possibly, the oldest infantryman in Iraq on Oct. 1.On October 1, 1947 in Gloversville, New York, David C. Henry was born and later grew up in Johnstown, New York. Henry, being the second oldest sibling, comes from a MORE
Possibly the Oldest Infantryman in Iraq

Bradley Combat Sustainment Training

May 09, 2007 — Gunner, COAX, Troops and Truck, Troops First, 600M!!IdentifiedFire!On the WayCease Fire, Shift Left, HE, Truck, 1000 MetersIdentifiedFire!On the WayCease Fire, Driver BackThese commands, or ones much like these, were used by Bradley Commanders and Gunners during Bravo Battery, 4th Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillerys Bradley Sustainment Training MORE

Tikrit Joint Coordination Cell Synchronizes Security Forces

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE DAGGER, TIKRIT, Iraq -- One of the goals of the coalition forces in Iraq is for the Iraqis to take over security.In order to do this, there has to be cooperation between the Iraqi forces and the coalition forces. Thus the Joint Coordination Center was formed.The JCC of Tikrit combines the Iraqi National Guard, the Iraqi MORE
Two Iraqi Checkpoint Police show a vehicle where to go to get their vehicle inspected during a recent checkpoint.  (Photo by Pfc. Jesse Granger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)

Wolfhounds conduct largest 2nd BCT air assault mission

May 09, 2007 — HEGNEH, Iraq Roughly 200 Task Force 1-27 Infantry Soldiers flying on eight UH-60 Blackhawk and three CH-47 Chinook helicopters carried out the largest air assault mission 2nd Brigade Combat Team has ever conducted thus far in Iraq on Oct. 5.The air assault was the first action in Task Force 1-27 Infantrys battalion-sized military operation dubbed MORE
Pfc. Jeff Helon, an infantryman with Co. A, Task Force 1-27 Infantry, searches through a backpack during a cordon and search of the entire town of Hegneh on Oct. 5. (Spc. Sean Kimmons, 25th ID (L) PAO)

Multi-National Corps - Iraq Command Sergeant Major visits the troops

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE DANGER, Iraq Command Sgt. Maj. William Gainey, Multi National Corps - Iraq Command Sergeant Major, visited several Forward Operating Bases in Bayji and Samarra on Oct. 20.Command Sgt. Maj. Cory McCarty, 1st Infantry Division Command Sergeant Major, accompanied Gainey on his tour.The first stop was at FOB Summerall, Bayji, MORE
CSM William Gainey, Multi-National Corps-Iraq, Command Sergeant Major, answers questions from soldiers at the Morale, Welfare and Recreation center on Forward Operating Base Summerall, Bayji, Iraq on Oct. 20.  (Photo by Spc. Joe Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)

Supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, One step at a time

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE CALDWELL, Iraq In preparation for Operation Iraqi Freedom II neither I, nor 1st Sgt. Vickers, ever realized that we would have the opportunity to interact and work so extensively with the local Iraqis.We made contact with the local population who work here upon arrival at FOB Caldwell. The exchange in cultures has led to MORE

Six Police Stations Open In Samarra

May 09, 2007 — SAMARRA, Iraq Police here are much safer now, following the construction of six new fortified police stations.Engineers assigned and attached to the 1st Infantry Division built one station a day for six days beginning Oct. 11, and spread them evenly throughout the city.The stations cost about $100,000 apiece, according to Sgt. 1st Class Armondo MORE
This Samarra police officer and his coworkers have a much safer place to do business now that six heavily fortified police stations have been built in the city.  1st Infantry Division engineers constructed the stations the week of Oct. 11. (Photo by Sgt. W. Wayne Marlow, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)

Iraqi women break out of traditional roles

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE ORYAN, BALAD, Iraq As political debate rages on about the consequences and actions in the new Iraq, women are experiencing new freedoms that was unavailable to them in the past.Since the invasion of Iraq, the United States has been careful to ensure that women are included on the ground level of rebuilding the nation.Some MORE
2nd Lt. Abbas Ali Jawad of the 203rd ING Battalion, looks downrange as Intisar Abbod, a female Iraqi National Guard recruit, fires an AK-47 machine gun during weapon familiarization at Forward Operating Base O'Ryan. Abbod is one of five female ING soldiers that Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment has trained since April.  (Photo by Sgt. Roland G. Walters, 196th MPAD)