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Open-mic night a hit

May 09, 2007 — Forward Operating Base Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq Open microphone night Sundays at the chow hall provides entertainment to dining soldiers.Organized to give soldiers a chance to perform in front of a crowd, open-mic night offers a place for soldiers to express themselves through music.Soldiers work hard all week, said Army CPT Ellis Cropper, OIC of MORE


May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE DANGER, TIKRIT, Iraq Task Force Danger Soldiers here received Dallas Cowboy memorabilia from the team Sept. 13.Capt. Jason Suber, artillery liaison officer from 1st Infantry Division Artillery and Capt. Michael Rains, division chemical officer, requested help from the Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. A couple of months ago, the MORE

Youth Outreach Program a Success in Baqubah

May 09, 2007 — Word spreads like wild fire with neighborhood children living near the Civil Military Operations Center (CMOC): Its time for school, its time for school!The children line up at the gate in eager anticipation, smiling and giggling as SGT Marc Farrior and SPC April Phillips lead another Neighborhood Kids Program class with the local children.Farrior MORE
Youth Outreach Program a Success in Baqubah

Pediatrician Treats Iraqi Children

May 09, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq- This is a nice break from sick call, Captain Jennifer Mbuthia remarked during a medical assistance visit to Iraqi villagers in the vicinity of Forward Operating Base Speicher on the morning of September 18th.Capt. Mbuthia, a pediatrician from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany attached to E Company, 701st Main Support MORE
Capt. Jennifer Mbuthia of E Company, 701st Main Support Battalion examines a one-day-old infant in a village near Forward Operating Base Speicher. (Photo by 1st Lt. Scott Preusker, 701st Main Support Battalion)

Construction underway on Albu Shukur primary school

May 09, 2007 — On August 16th construction began on a new primary school in the village of Albu Shukur in the area of Yethrib located east of the city of Balad. This project, made possible through cooperation of the Yethirb City Council, Task Force 1-77, 372nd Engineer Group, and the 185th Aviation Brigade, will bring the first new school to the area in more than MORE

Tikrit Fire Department receives new equipment

May 09, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq- Task Force 1-18 provided the Tikrit Fire Department with fire turn-out gear and safety equipment. In April, Captain Aaron Coombs, Commander, C/1-18 found the Fire Department was well trained and had several new fire trucks. However, they lacked the personal equipment to safely and efficiently perform their duties. Task Force Vanguard MORE
Task Force 1-18 Soldiers pose with members of the Tikrit Fire Department. The personal protective equipment worn by Iraqi firefighters was purchased by Task Force 1-18 Infantry with $80,000 in funds from the Commanders Emergency Relief Project and delivered to the Tikrit Fire Department on September 20. ( Photo courtesy of Task Force 1-18 Infantry)

Medics on call to serve

May 09, 2007 — LOGISTICAL SUPPORT AREA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq- On 13 September 2004, Cpl. Amy Seyboth and Spc. Joshua Bostic, combat medics, saved the life of a Task Force Lifeline Soldier injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while conducting a Combat Logistics Patrol (CLP) on Main Supply Route (MSR) Tampa in the Salah Ad Din Province of Iraq. The CLP MORE
Cpl. Amy Seyboth of  the 299th Forward Support Battalion at Logistical Support Area Anaconda, Balad, Iraq. (Photo by Lt. Aimee Ruscio, 299th Forward Support Battalion)

Tikrit Bridge re-opens

May 09, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq ‑‑ More than a year after it was destroyed by coalition forces, American and Iraqi officials re-opened the Tikrit Bridge during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday morning.The cities of Tikrit and Kirkuk will once again be linked and they stand to benefit financially from the bridge, said James Stephenson, mission director of U.S. MORE
Hamad Hamood, governor of Salah Ad Din, along side military and U.S. Agency for International Developmen officials cut the ribbon during a ceremony which celebrated the re-opening of the Tikrit Bridge on Sept. 22. (Photo by Sgt. Roland G. Walters, 196th MPAD)

Water plant opens in Owja

May 09, 2007 — OWJA, Iraq -- For the people of Owja, this was a very big day, a day when they could water the trees in the front lawn, a day when they could water their gardens. No water has run in this small town nestled close to Tikrit in more than a year and half.The Owja Water Plant held a grand opening on September 7, for the newly installed water pumps that MORE
Mandu Hazali, the project coordinator of the Owja water plant, shows the city council the brand new pumps that the station received. On September 7 Owja held the grand opening of the plant. (Photo by Capt. L. Paula Sydenstricker, 196th MPAD)

Soldiers teach Iraqi youth to play Americas favorite pastime

May 09, 2007 — ALTUN KUPRI, Iraq Minus the sound of Muslim prayer on a loud speaker from a nearby Mosque, the Iraqi baseball game played here on Sept. 15 was reminiscent of a Little League game back in the states.Even though baseball games are commonly witnessed throughout America, it was a very rare sight in this soccer-crazed country.More than 20 Iraqi youth, MORE
Diar Abubakr, catcher for the Brusik team, comes out with an out after a collision with a Newroz runner during a baseball game that is being called the first official Iraqi baseball game in decades. The Sept. 15 baseball game was put together by the Outlaw Soldiers of Co. C, TF 2-11 FA, who once worked out of a forward operating base in Altun Kupri. (Photo by Spc. Sean Kimmons, 25th ID (L) PAO)

Live-fire exercise unites infantry, artillery and air assets

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE GAINES MILLS, Iraq It began with echoing booms from a powerful 105mm Howitzer, as it shot artillery rounds onto an Anti-Iraqi Force objective nestled in between the rolling desolate hills near this forward operating base on Sept. 7.About 20, 105mm artillery and 60mm mortar rounds fired from Battery B, Task Force 2-11 Field MORE
Soldiers from Charlie Company, Task Force 1-27, clear a building on 7 September,  during a combined, live-fire exercise at Forward Operating Base Gaines Mills, Iraq. (Photo by Spc. Sean Kimmons, 25th ID (L) PAO)

357 graduate from ING basic training

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE DANGER, TIKRIT, Iraq The Iraqi National Guard once again grew in strength as 357 soldiers graduated from basic training during a ceremony held here Sept. 16.Several American and Iraqi military officials were in attendance, including Lt. Gen. David Petraeus, who oversees the training of Iraqi troops, Maj. Gen. John Batiste, MORE
A new Iraqi National Guard soldier sheds tears of joy as he embraces a classmate after their graduation ceremony Sept. 16 on Forward Operating Base Danger. (Photo by Spc. Ismail Turay Jr., 196th MPAD)

Medics recognized for outstanding medical care

May 09, 2007 — LOGISTICAL SUPPORT AREA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq- On 11 September 2004, Sgt. Maj. Cunningham, the 5th Special Forces Group OPS Sergeant Major, presented Staff Sgt. Richard Reese and Spc. Alexis Weiler with Certificates of Appreciation and coins for the lifesaving, medical aid they rendered to a wounded soldier in his unit.On 8 July 2004, Staff Sgt. MORE
Sgt. Maj. Cunningham hands Spc. Weiler a coin for her outstanding medical care of a 5th Special Forces Group soldier. (Photo by 2nd Lt. Aimee Ruscio, Charlie Company, 299th Forward Support Battalion)

Reserve Dentist, Civil Affairs, and the Big Red One team up to Help Local Schoolchildren

May 09, 2007 — FOB DANGER, TIkrit, Iraq--LTC John Elliott is a periodontist, who normally plies his trade in private practice out in sunny Corona, California. The city spelled like the beer. But he is also a reservist attached to the 380th Medical Company, Dental Section out of Memphis, Tennessee, and for 90 days he has volunteered to practice his work in Tikrit, MORE
Lt. Col. John Elliot inspects the teeth of an Iraqi girl at Al-Har Al-Thani School in Northern Tikrit, 5 September 2004.  (Photo by 1st Lt. William A. Diefenbach, 4-3 ADA)

Democracy comes to Wynot, Iraq

May 09, 2007 — WYNOT, Iraq - Ahmed Mutlok Oda creases his ballot slowly, seemingly worried he will fold it wrong. He starts to place it in the cardboard-and-tape ballot box, then pulls it back, unsure if hes doing it right.He looks to an interpreter for the 1st Infantry Division, who tells Oda hes doing it correctly. Reassured, Oda drops the ballot in.If Oda MORE
Ahmed Mutlok Oda becomes the first resident of Wynot, Iraq to vote. The town's city council elections were held Sept. 13, with the assistance of the 1st Infantry Division's A Co., 1st Battalion,18th Infantry Regiment. (Photo by Sgt. W. Wayne Marlow, 196th MPAD)