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Actionable Intelligence Prevents VBIED Attack

May 09, 2007 — TIKRIT, Iraq Based on actionable intelligence received from an Iraqi informant and developed by the Forward Operating Base Speicher Force Protection Cell, Task Force 1-18 Scouts conducted a raid in Al Sequor in order to kill or capture a suspected vehicle borne improvised explosive maker.The units rapidly coordinated their efforts and moved to the MORE

A day with the mortar platoon

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE MCHENRY, Iraq It was just another eventful day for the mortar platoon of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Task Force 1-27 Infantry as they traveled throughout their area or operations to conduct multiple missions on Oct. 7.After leaving base perimeters in the morning, the mortar platoon convoyed to the abandoned Al MORE
An Arab man prepares to open the rear door for Sgt. Shaun Mittler, a squad leader with the mortar platoon, as he searches the vehicle for illegal contraband at a Bayji checkpoint Oct. 7.  (Photo by Spc. Sean Kimmons, 25th ID (L) Public Affairs Office)

Electricity restored to the City of Samarra

May 09, 2007 — Samarra is a city that has recently undergone some tough times. Thanks to the public works team and the Salah Ad Din electric distribution department, electricity has been restored.Prior to operations in Samarra the public works team worked with local officials to minimize damage done to the distribution system when power had to be shut down to MORE
Electricity restored to the City of Samarra

Brigade Consolidated Collection Point gets a facelift

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, BAQUBAH, Iraq -- The Brigade Consolidated Collection Point here, the 3rd Brigade Combat Teams temporary detention facility, recently received an $80,000 facelift.The much needed renovations divided the facility into 28 separate cells and added an indoor shower and latrine. They were completed by a local Iraqi MORE
1st Lt. Nolan J. Barco gives a tour of the newly remodeled 3rd Brigade Consolidated Collection Point at FOB Warhorse Sept. 4. Diyala Governor Dr. Abdullah al-Jburi (left) was on hand for the ceremony. Barco is a native of Miami, Fla.

Unit Ministry Teams Hold Training Conference

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE DANGER, TIKRIT, Iraq - Lt. Col. Mike Lembke, 1st Infantry Division Chaplain, hosted a training conference for the Big Red Ones Unit Ministry Teams here October 14.The conference allowed major subordinate chaplains and chaplain assistants to gather and effectively compare notes for the second time since the 1st Infantry MORE
1st Infantry Division chaplains and chaplain's assistants attend a Unit Ministry Team training conference at Forward Operating Base Danger in Tikrit, Iraq.  (Photo by Spc. Sherree Casper, 196th MPAD)

Emergency physician treats Soldiers with enthusiasm

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE NORMANDY, MUQDADIYAH, Iraq After being deployed now for over 10 months, Maj. Lisa Dewitt is still bubbling over with enthusiasm.For the all of the Soldiers she meets and cares for.For the once-in-a-lifetime experience she has gained here.And for the difference she is making here.I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the MORE
The 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment aid station team works on an insurgent who suffered multiple gunshot wounds during a firefight with coalition forces. The team was able to resuscitate the man and he survived. (Sgt. 1st Class Wendell C. Dougherty, 3rd Brigade Combat Team)

Puddle of Mudd Rocks Tikrit

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPRATING BASE SPEICHER, TIKRIT, Iraq ‑‑For many deployed Soldiers, fighting boredom and monotony can be just as difficult as battling the enemy.Fortunately for Soldiers here, Puddle of Mudd, the rock band behind hit songs such as Blurry and Control, were able to help the troops do that by putting on a concert Sept. 12.All the men and women MORE
Members of the rock band Puddle of Mudd meet with Pvt. Jeff Burdette, 4th Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery, at the hospital on Forward Operating Base Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq Sept 12.

Our Badge of Honor

May 09, 2007 — As a company commander, I stand before our platoons and award the Combat Infantrymans Badge to our Soldiers. I am struck by the honor and reverence paid to this symbol of courage and determination by the very Soldiers who dedicate themselves to excellence on every combat mission.This award was created to recognize the sacrifice and hardships the MORE
Capt. Vincent Heintz and 1st Sgt. Joseph Herald pin the Combat Infantrymans Badge on 1st Lt. Walter Haass and Staff Sgt. Samuel Baidoos.

12th Chemical Company Gladiators Were Not Afraid of Any Chemicals!

May 09, 2007 — When theres something strangein the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? 12th Chemical Company Gladiators, thats who!Coming to you all the way from Forward Operating Base Summerall are the fearless Gladiators waiting to take on any mission, always ready to save the day!3rd Platoon, 12th Chemical Company, the Gladiators, has recently spent two weeks on MORE
Three Gladiators respond to a suspicious drum reported by a concerned resident of Forward Operating Base Speicher during training.

Soldiers maintain security and win over residents on the streets of Samarra

May 09, 2007 — SAMARRA, Iraq Soldiers with B Company, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry walk through the streets, accompanied by two gun trucks. During the mission, time is made to speak with members of a youth soccer team and buy ice cream cones for grateful children.Company leaders speak with merchants offering everything from watermelon to hubcaps. Virtually every MORE
Samarra residents of all ages are back on the streets following "Operation Baton Rouge," a U.S. offensive that crushed an anti-coalition insurgency. The 1st Infantry Division and attached elements, along with the Iraqi National Guard, conduct daily patrols to ensure the new-found peace holds. (Photo by Sgt. W. Wayne Marlow, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)

Ensuring tight security along the Iraq-Iran border

May 09, 2007 — CHOARTA DISTRICT, Iraq In the past, smuggling and terrorist activity has plagued the mountainous terrain along the northeastern border of Iraq and Iran. The Iraqi Border Police now known as the Department of Border Enforcement (DBE) was established in July 2003 to patrol the border and eliminate these illegal operations.Border teams from MORE
Staff Sgt. Daniel McKim, Border Team 1 NCOIC, inspects a bag of tea at a smuggling village along the border of Iraq and Iran on Sept. 21.  Team 1 Soldiers and DBE guards were conducting a joint mission in search of illegal contraband in the area. (Photo by Spc. Sean Kimmons, 25th ID (L) Public Affairs Office)

Task Force 1-7 Soldier Helps Iraqi Children Through Individual Effort

May 09, 2007 — BAYJI, Iraq When Spc. Michael Tingue arrived in Bayji, Iraq with the 1st Infantry Divisions Task Force 1-7 in March, he saw the conditions that children in this war-torn country had to live in. More importantly, he saw that he had the opportunity to help.With a self-inspired determination, he began a personal campaign to gather clothes, toys and MORE
A happy Iraqi mother smiles with her overjoyed daughter, thrilled with gifts donated by people from America. (Photos by Spc. Michael Tingue, Task Force 1-7 Field Artillery)

Boredom can be Tamed

May 09, 2007 — The 230th Forward Support Battalion deployed for OIF 2 in support of the 30th Brigade Combat Team. They have a very challenging and hectic time supporting the BCT. During those few moments of off time, Soldiers can find living on a camp in the middle of Iraq quite boring and monotonous. Sgt. 1st Class Brenda Mitchell realized that she could MORE

Iraq Prime Minister visits Samarra

May 09, 2007 — SAMARRA, Iraq Iraq Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi, visited the City of Samarra Monday to meet with officials and discuss the rebuilding process of the city.Allawi flew in a UH60 Blackhawk helicopter to Forward Operating Base Brassfield-Mora before convoying into the city to meet with city officials and local leaders. The prime minister was also MORE
Prime Minister of Iraq, Ayad Allawi, fields questions by reporters in Samarra Monday after a meeting in the Samarra Mayors Office.  (Photo by Spc. Joe Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)

Operation Crayon provides supplies to local schools

May 09, 2007 — FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARRIOR It looked like any other convoy briefing on a Monday morning but this convoy carried an atmosphere of added anticipation. The mission began back in the early summer when the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division announced its participation in Operation Crayon.Operation Crayon is a program that was initiated MORE
Command Sgt. Maj. Herring, of the 225th FSB, pauses for a picture with Iraqi children.