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Political activity rules exist for Soldiers

August 21, 2012 — As the 2012 Presidential election quickly approaches, active-duty Soldiers should be aware of the political "do's and don'ts" during political elections. General guidelines of permissible and prohibited activities for active-duty Soldiers, according to the Judge Advocate General website, are as follows: Permissible activities: • Registering, voting MORE

Rules Governing Acceptance of Frequent Flyer Miles and Promotional Items

April 24, 2009 — On 28 December 2001, President Bush signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002 (P.L. 107-107). Section 1116 permits Federal military or civilian employees to accept promotional items such as frequent flyer miles earned when traveling in an official capacity. This is a change from the prior rules contained in the MORE

Family Support Group Fundraising

April 24, 2009 — Significant guidance on FSG management is in DA Pamphlet 608-47, A Guide to Establishing Family Support Groups. However, this pamphlet was published prior to the Joint Ethics Regulation, DOD 5500.7-R, and is subject to that regulation.When FSGs engage in fundraising, they are private organizations.The Army cannot officially support or endorse FSG MORE

Use of Government Resources

April 24, 2009 — References: a. 31 U.S.C. § 1301; 1344;b. 5 C.F.R. § 2635.704;c. DoD 5500.7-R, Joint Ethics Regulation § 2-300b;General Rule: Employees must protect and conserve government property and use it (or allow its use) only for authorized purposes. Communications systems. Federal communications; equipment including governmental owned telephones, facsimile MORE

Gifts to Superiors

April 24, 2009 — Generally, in order to minimize any potential appearance of favoritism, superiors may not accept gifts given by subordinates. Subordinates should also avoid soliciting contributions for gifts for official superiors. There are exceptions to these general rules. Gifts may be given on traditional gift-giving occasions, so long as the gift itself does MORE

Policy on Gifts to Government Employees

April 24, 2009 — Receipt of Gifts from Outside SourcesGenerally, DoD employees may not accept gifts from a prohibited source or a gift that is offered because of the recipients official position. There are four steps to determining whether a gift may be accepted. (5 C.F.R. 2635.204) 1. First, is it a "gift?" Items with little intrinsic value intended MORE