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COMMUNITY CORNER – Remembering the reason our nation remains vigilant

September 11, 2015 —  For anyone old enough toknow what was happening — where they were and what they were doing on 9/11 isimprinted in their memory. We watched in horror as our country came under attackfrom terrorists. This was something that had never happened here. It was apivotal time in history. A large number of individualswere compelled to sign up for military MORE

ANTI-TERRORISM AWARENESS MONTH MESSAGE - Keys to fighting terrorism: vigilance, planning for the worst

September 2, 2015 — WASHINGTON — Terroristshave struck military targets in the United States, as well as overseas, and itis likely such attacks will continue. Terrorism experts caution to plan for theworst. Besides the 2006 Fort Hood,Texas, shooting and the 2009 Little Rock, Arkansas, recruiting office shooting,five service members were recently killed as a result of MORE
Maj. Scott Wayne, an officer with the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, speaks at an “Active Shooter” seminar at the Pentagon Aug. 20.

Make children part of security effort

September 2, 2015 — Talking to your familyabout anti-terrorism and defensive measures can be important conversation. Pat Burch, anti-terrorism officerat Fort Riley, said speaking to children about anti-terrorism can be a sensitivesubject. Children can help prevent terrorism just as much as adults, he said,acknowledging no one is immune to threats is the first step in MORE

TIPS FOR IWATCH - When it comes to vigilance, trust your instincts

August 25, 2015 — Anti-Terrorism month isdesigned to remind us to always be alert to activities or behaviors that areodd or suspicious. One resource is iWatch, anArmy-wide anti-terrorism initiative. “See Something, Say Something,”is a slogan Patrick Burch, Fort Riley’s Anti-terrorism Officer, firmlybelieves. “I stress the golden rulein my briefing, which is that if MORE

COMMUNITY CORNER – August is antiterrorism awareness month; chance to stay vigilant

August 13, 2015 — Terrorists don’t discriminateon who they attack. They often strike people and places they believe to be aneasy target. Measures are in effect on post to minimize the possibility of anattack, but we need everyone to keep watch for anything unusual. Security is animportant priority for everyone. Recognizing and reporting suspicious activityusing MORE

iWatch program depends on you

May 12, 2015 — ‘See something, saysomething.’ That’s the slogan of the Army’s iWATCH program. Established in 2010,the program is intended to provide community members with phone numbers andpoints of contact in order to report suspicious activity. “According to Fort Rileyantiterrorism officer, Patrick Burch, community members should familiarize themselveswith MORE

785-240-WARN hotline established

April 11, 2015 — 785-240-WARN (240-9276) is a new HOTLINE/TIP LINE exclusively for reportingobserved suspicious behavior or activity. The phone number is monitored 24/7by staff in the Fort Riley Operations Center. This single local number, 785-240-WARN, provides a direct method for action when anyone observes suspicious activity or vehicles. Army leaders encourage MORE

OPSEC, PERSEC are important to keep Soldiers, families safe

October 27, 2014 — Operational Security, orOPSEC, is the practice of ensuring critical information stays private bylimiting the amount of information shared. Critical information can bea variety of things, but for most Soldiers and families, that informationincludes troop movements, locations and dates. “With deployments pickingup again, remember to be aware of MORE

Antiterrorism - Secure yourself, stay vigilant on social media

September 15, 2014 — How can one stay safeonline? To keep social mediaprofiles safe, always assume adversaries are monitoring those social websites,said Pat Burch, installation antiterrorism officer, Directorate of Plans,Training, Mobilization and Security. Before posting anything, consider whatcould happen if the information became available to adversaries, including MORE

AT officer educates community on combating terrorist threats

September 12, 2014 — Antiterrorism is one offour elements of combating terrorism. It includes risk management, planning,training, education and awareness. The other three elements arecounterterrorism, intelligence support and consequence management. One of the goals of Fort Riley’sAntiterrorism Office is to educate Soldiers, family members and government workersabout MORE

Army asks citizens to report suspicious activities

August 22, 2013 — Story by: Pat Burch, INSTALLATION AT OFFICERDuring Antiterrorism Awareness Month, in August, you will see public service announcements and awareness items in public areas that will have an iWATCH banner, and you may wonder what iWATCH is all about. The iWATCH program is a nationwide modern version of the highly successful Neighborhood Watch MORE
iWATCH banner

BE VIGILANT - See something, say something: August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month

August 13, 2012 — Story by: Chris Hallenbeck, AT OFFICE Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, worldwide threat to Army forces and Army Families. Radical extremist ideologies and separatist movements continue to have an anti-western and anti-U.S. orientation, which threatens the nation. The Army must sustain a strong defensive posture to prevent MORE

Indicators of Possible Homegrown Violent Extremist Terrorist Activity

May 14, 2012 — This quarter we want to increase the awareness to the potential threats from Homegrown Violent Extremist (HVE) to our Soldiers, Family Members, and Civilian Workforce.Since 2009, Homegrown Violent Extremist (HVE) in the United States has shown a tendency to target DOD related personnel and facilities. It is imperative that we all remain aware that MORE
Report Suspicious Activity

Suspicious Activity Reporting

February 14, 2012 — Fort Riley's Antiterrorism Office is gearing up for its second quarter theme, "Suspicious Activity Reporting," which reminds Soldiers, Families and Department of the Army civilians to report suspicious activity to thwart potential terrorist attacks."The main purpose is to focus all the efforts with our civilian workforce, Family members and our MORE
“iWATCH, iREPORT, i Keep Us Safe”

Families receive AT Awareness brief

September 9, 2011 — "Being prior military, I already knew a lot of things, but I will definitely be more aware in different environments and think ahead more," said Becky McDonald, retired military spouse, who attended an antiterrorism awareness briefing for Families Aug. 16 at the ACS Annex. The briefing was offered as part of Antiterrorism Awareness month. The MORE

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