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Risk of Impairment

April 21, 2015 — Each year the staff of FortRiley’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program runs a campaign to raise awareness ofthe risks of excessive drinking and substance abuse. Brandon French, Prevention Coordinatorfor Fort Riley’s Army Substance Abuse Program said ‘What’s the risk’ is thetheme, and it poses the question of ‘what am I risking when I drink and MORE

Plan ahead: DUI is safety, legal risk

April 14, 2015 — Editor’s Note: This is partfive of a seven-part series about traffic enforcement and regulations at FortRiley. Many units often give safetybriefings before long weekends to advise Soldiers to exercise risk management byconsidering potential risks involved when making decisions, such as thedecision to drink and drive. Lt. Paul Davis, Fort Riley MORE