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ON THE WILDSIDE - Look below surface to explore rich life, heritage of pearly mussels in Kansas

June 10, 2014 — Monkeyface, Pimpleback andFat Mucket. Although these colorful names may sound like nicknames for oldgrade school classmates, they are actually three of 48 species of mussels nativeto Kansas. Freshwater mussels arefrequently overlooked as native wildlife in Kansas. However, the roles theyplay in our aquatic systems are very important and equally as MORE

Prescribed burns preserve post’s natural ecosystem

March 19, 2014 — This time of year,community members may see smoke on the horizon or catch a whiff that smellslike burning. That’s par for the course during prescribed burn season, saidMark Neely, Fort Riley wildland manager. “You’ll see the smoke.Depending on wind direction, you may smell the smoke,” he said. “It’s probablyone of the few jobs on the installation MORE