Fort Riley, Kansas



Fort Riley is a well known destination for those that enjoy the outdoors. It really is no coincidence that Fort Riley is known as one of the premier hunting and fishing installations within the Army. There is something for everyone including hunting, fishing, hiking and nature photography. The installation has twenty-nine managed fishery impoundments and hunting opportunities exist on over 71,000 acres of timber and prairie. Even if hunting or fishing is not your forte, there are many other opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in the area. The scenic Flint Hills found on Fort Riley offer the mountain biker a stiff challenge and horseback rider with some excellent views.

Fishing, Hunting, and other Outdoor Recreation

Guide to Outdoor Recreation on Fort Riley

Fort Riley Open Areas - Current outdoor recreation areas on Fort Riley, includes hunting, fishing and fuel wood cutting areas.

iSportsman System

Fort Riley has an automated check-in-out system, iSportsman.  Individuals can register at the Fort Riley iSportsman website,

Everyone recreating in a Fort Riley training area must use the iSportsman website.  Check-in and Check-out may be done with any personal device with Internet access or visit the iSportsman Kiosk at 1st Division and Vinton School roads or the Environmental Division Office, 407 Pershing Ct., during normal business hours.  For more information, contact the Environmental Division at 785-239-6211.