Fort Riley, Kansas



Religious Support Office

One of the first things many Soldiers and Family members do when they arrive at a new post is find a place of worship. 
In addition to chaplains and chaplain assistants serving every unit, there are six chapels located across this post, all offering worship services with your spiritual needs in mind. 

Whatever your religious background, you can grow and flourish during your assignment here in the heart of America. There are many worship opportunities, representing a wide variety of faiths. 

If you have special religious needs or a question about religious support, please call the Installation Chaplain's office at (785)239-3359. 
We're here to help you in your journey of faith.


Religious Information

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A Chaplain is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need emergency Chaplain services please Call (785) 239-HELP (4357)
Jewish Service Offered Off-Post

Please go to the following web- address for information 
Manhattan, Kansas 
1509 Wreath Avenue 
Manhattan, KS 66502 
(913) 539-8462 
Institutional Membership: 35 families 
Percent Intermarried: members - 25% ; board - 20% 
Programs: Couples Support Groups. 
Contact: Marilyn Turner or Andrew Becker 
Topeka, Kansas 
4200 SW Munson Street 
Topeka, KS 66604-1879 
(785) 272-6040 
Fax: (785) 272-1565 
Institutional Membership: 110 families ercent Intermarried: members - 10%; board - 2%.
Programs: Introduction to Judaism Classes; Hebrew Classes; Discussion of 
Intermarriage; "December 
Dilemma" Discussions; Preparation for Conversion; Counseling. 
Other Programs: Family Oriented Programming. 
Contact: Rabbi Debbie Stiel 
LDS Services Offered Off-Post in Surrounding Areas

LDS Religious Services
Manhattan, KS

Families: (785) 539-1084
Singles: (785) 537 7870

Junction City, KS.

(785) 223-8088
(785 -238-8720
My name is Adam and I am a member of the Manhattan Jewish

Congregation. I wanted to take this opportunity to either inform and/or

remind you that there is an active Jewish community in the area with weekly

Shabbat services, bi-weekly Sunday school, High Holiday services, and

general fellowship. Our Shabbat services are lay led and child friendly.

Friday night services run from 730 to 9'ish. If you would like to be

involved, or know somebody who would like to be please come on by or call

785-477-5759 with whatever questions you may have. I have attached the

links to our webpage and Facebook page below. Thank you for your time, and

we look forward to seeing you.


Adam M. Cundieff


IEW Maintenance Technician

A Co 2-1 BSTB

Office: 240-1835

Cell: 520-220-1573
Muslim off-post information. Please go to the following link for information:
Services are either provided or coordinated for as many faith groups and worship styles as have demonstrated need. Title 10 of the US Code of Law is the basis for mandating the provision of religious services to our Soldiers.