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Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity - Military 

Equal Opportunity phone number is (785) 239-3357 or DSN 856-3357

SHARP phone number is (785) 239-2277 or DSN 856-2277

Equal Opportunity Information

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All Observances are held from Noon - 1:00 p.m. and are free and open to all Soldiers, Family members, and civilians from Fort Riley and the surrounding communities.  The location will be noted below with each observance. 
Important Info for visitors: please review Fort Riley Installation Access Information.

* National African American/Black History Month - 21 FEB 18 - Barlow Theater
* Women’s History Month - 21 MAR 18 
* Holocaust Remembrance Day - 25 APR 18
* Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month - 16 MAY 18 
* LGBT Pride Month  -  20 JUN 18

* Women’s Equality Day - 22 AUG 18 
* National Hispanic Heritage Month - 19 SEP 18 
* National American Indian Heritage Month - 21 NOV 18

1. LOCATION: Bldg. 77680, Classroom 1, Armistead Street

2. LENGTH: 6 days, 60 hours, 0900-1900 
3. PURPOSE: To train qualified Officers and NCO's as Battalion and Company level Equal Opportunity Leaders who will advise and assist Commanders in the implementation and assessment of their EO programs.

4. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Equal Opportunity Leaders (EOLs) assist Commanders at the Battalion-level and below in carrying out the Equal Opportunity Program within their units.


(A) Have a minimum of one year remaining at Fort Riley or assigned to the unit requesting the training of an EOL upon completion of the course.

(B) Be able to assist commanders in addressing EO climate detractors.

(C) Be in the grade of SGT (P) -1LT.

(D) Be motivated and capable of performing EO duties.

(E) Possess strong leadership qualities and good communication skills.

(F) Be of good morals and character with no adverse action pending or processed.

(G) Be able to assist the commander in the conduct of unit climate assessments.

(H) Be prepared to assist the commander in the conduct of EO training.

(I) Willing to establish and maintain liaison with other EOLs and with the EOA at higher headquarters.

(J) Be able to assist the commander and assigned project officers in preparing and conducting ethnic observances and special commemorations.

(K) Be able to assist complainants by referring them to the appropriate agency for assistance. Complaints referred to another agency will be reported to the EOA. EOLs may not conduct investigations and are not trained to fully advise AR 15-6 investigating officers in their conduct of EO complaint investigations.

(L) Be able to serve as a resource person for EO matters in the unit.


6. ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTIONS: No Later Than two weeks prior to class start date, submit FR Form 28 signed by the proper Approving Officials within the Chain of Command.  Students will be issued handouts and note-takers for guidance throughout the course. Race, ethnicity, or gender should not be a driving factor in selecting an EOL for attendance at this course. Students will need to report with their Duty Appointment Orders and a Memorandum from their Company Commander acknowledging your attendance in the course and that he/she has released the student to attend the course for the required duration. A standby list will be prepared during in-processing for those who do not have a reservation in ATRRS. Seats will be filled from no-shows in order to fill remaining seats.


7. POINT OF CONTACT:  MSG Wienke, (785) 239-3357.


04 - 11 DEC 17

29 JAN - 05 FEB 18

30 APR - 07 MAY 18

30 JUL - 06 AUG 18 

Equal Opportunity
8071 Normandy Drive
(Adams Hall)
Fort Riley, KS 66442

EO Program Manager - 785-239-8079
EO Advisor NCOIC - 785-239-3357
EO Advisor - 785-239-8075/2928

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Contact Us

Equal Opportunity
8071 Normandy Drive
(Adams Hall)
Fort Riley, KS 66442

EO Program Manager - 785-239-8079
EO Advisor NCOIC - 785-239-3357
EO Advisor - 785-239-8075/2928

Current Theme

Black History Month - Feb. 2018
Theme: African Americans in Times of War.
Observance, 12 noon Feb. 21 at Barlow Theater