Fort Riley, Kansas


Out-processing/Clearing Fort Riley

Installation Clearance Procedures

Location: Central Clearing Agency (CCA) 217 Custer Avenue, on Main Post.

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Thursday, 0730-1630. Every other Friday 0730-1530.

All soldiers clearing this installation must be in duty uniform for all stops.

Orders, Leave Form, and Questionnaire needed when requesting out-processing installation clearing papers.  Can be sent via email to: or in person to CCA 217 Custer Avenue as early as 60 days prior to start of leave and NLT 24hr prior to pick up date.


Installation clearing papers are valid only 30 days of Soldiers last day of clearing. If circumstances make this impossible, soldier will have to be put back into the system and recleared by work centers. Any exception to this will be authorized on a case by case basis through the CCA.

Soldiers will be required to report to one formation each day during the clearance period. This will allow units to monitor the soldiers clearance progress, unless excused by proper authority. Soldiers will be exempt from duty rosters and routine duties 10 working days prior to ETS, PCS, RET.

Out-processing Information