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  • Enlisted ETS Separation Procedures

    1. The process for enlisted soldiers separating on their contractual ETS date, begins with the attending of the ETS Transition Center briefing at a minimum of 90 to 120 days and up to 180 days from ETS date or 60 to 90 days before beginning Transition leave. Soldier will be briefed at this time on everything he needs to do in order to separate in a timely manner. Held every Tuesday at Bldg. 210, Room 118D at 9:00 a.m. (Mandatory) No appointment necessary. Cannot pickup orders without attending ETS brief and having an approved leave form if taking Transition leave. If not taking Transition leave, can pick up orders any time after attending ETS brief.

    2. Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) Pre-separation Briefing should begin not later than 12 months prior to separation date.  SFL-TAP is located at 212 Custer Avenue, Rm 101, (785) 239-2278.
    Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program.

    3. 90 to 180 days out from ETS date or 60 to 90 days out from terminal leave complete Separation Physical at exam center now located at the Hospital (Primary Care 3). At this time also start process for obtaining Medical and Dental records for Transition Center and having a copy of medical records made for personal use.

    4. 90 to 180 days at minimum, determine if you are taking terminal leave and have earned PDMRA leave from a deployment that can be used in conjunction with the terminal leave or qualify for PTDY and TAMP benefits. Turn DA 31 into unit and follow up on it being approved.

    5. Once leave is approved and after attending the ETS briefing, the member (not anyone else) is to turn approved DA 31 for leave into the ETS Section at Transition Center (Prefer no less that 45 days before it starts and up to 180 days from separation date). At this time member picks up his separation orders, and schedules his Initial Interview appointment and date he is to pick up his installation clearing papers at CCA. The sooner member provides Transition with a copy of the DA 31, the sooner he will receive orders.

    6. Upon receipt of orders, member goes to transportation to schedule pick up of his household goods or his dity briefing if doing a DITY move.
    Transportation is located in Bldg 210, Room 119. Contact: 785-239-6683

    7. If living in Picerne Family Government Quarters, give 30 day notice to office that handles contract. Set up date for quarters termination. Need to be out of government quarters by final out appointment with Transition Center.

    8. Any time after attending ETS Briefing, get list of what is to be turned in to CIF. You can get list from CIF or on your AKO. Make sure you have everything and is clean. Schedule CIF appointment. If haven't received orders, can get memo signed by commander authorizing to clear CIF without orders, so that process can be taken care of early and not delay the final out.
    CIF Contacts: 240-2500, 239-9244.

    9. 30 days and as early as 45 days before Transition Leave or if not taking Transition Leave, start Installation Clearance Procedures.

    10. 10 working days before the start of terminal leave and/or PTDY/PDMRA, pick up Installation Clearing Papers at CCA (Central Clearing Agency). Should have picked up unit clearing papers from S-1 by this time. Once clearing papers are picked up, start clearing everything you can. Member needs to be in uniform to clear.
    Central Clearing Agency located in Bldg 210, In/Out Processing

    11. 7-10 days before terminal leave and/or PTDY/PDMRA or 7-10 days before ETS date if not taking terminal leave and/or PTDY/PDMRA, go to Initial Interview. This is the date on your appointment slip that was given to you when turning in your DA 31 to Transition Center and picking up orders.

    12. After initial interview and by final out interview, complete all clearing on installation and unit clearance papers and turn into CCA to be stamped.

    13. Day before leave starts, go to Final Out Interview.

    14. Upon completion of Final Out with Transition Center, sign out with unit and turn in S-1 memo packet to them.

    15. If you do not get cleared by the final out appointment, call Transition Center (239-8605, 239-2265, 239-6132 or 239-0903) and let them know. Be sure you find out when you need to come. Under NO circumstances are you to sign out on leave or actually leave if you have not done your final out with Transition Center.

  • Officer Separations (UQR)

    The Officer Separation process starts with the Officer submitting his UQR (Unqualified Resignation) packet thru his Brigade S-1 in accordance with AR 600-8-24 for approval by his chain of command. Questions of what needs to be in the packet can be addressed by the S-1 or the PSB (Personnel Services Branch) 212 Custer Ave., or call (785)239-3712.

    The Reserve Component Officer Transition Counselor on Fort Riley has the responsibility to counsel separating officers on their options and benefits. Together, with the officer, the counselor will type a memo that MUST be included (per HRC regulation) in their packet to HRC for them to be granted approval for separation. Call (785)239-2764 to make an appointment with the RC Officer Transition Counselor.

    Requests can be submitted up to a year out. After approval of the request by the command, the packet is to be sent to HRC by the Brigade S-1 or the PSB.

    Upon receipt of approval memo from HRC by PSB or the Brigade S-1, the Officer will be notified by them and sent a copy. He will be informed to call the Transition Center (210 Custer Ave., Rm 110) to schedule an appointment with them. Officer Separations Clerk: (785)239-2963 or Chief Transition Center: (785)239-2980.

    At the scheduled appointment, the Officer will bring in a copy of the approval memo to Transition if the Brigade S-1 submitted UQR packet to HRC. (PSB forwards a copy to Transition Center when they receive the approval back.) Officer also needs to bring his MPF (Military Personnel File) to the appointment. He will get it from his Brigade S-1. The file must contain the items listed below:

    1. ORB: with updated courses, awards & deployments
    2. Documents of any prior service: Contracts, DD214s, NGB 22s, or 220s
    3. Active Duty Orders: Orders that brought officer on active duty
    4. DA fm 71 (Oath of Office)
    5. Record of Emergency Data (DD fm 93)
    6. SGLI (Serviceman Group Life Insurance)

    Clerk will have Officer complete an information sheet at this appointment, then brief him on the separation process. This includes:

    1. Attending ACAP and VA Brief
    2. Completing Separation Physical
    3. Obtaining Medical & Dental Records
    4. Seeing the ISR (In Service Recruiter)
    5. Clearing CIF Procedures
    6. Clearing installation & unit Installation Clearance Procedures
    7. Documents he is required to turn in to Transition Center
    8. Bringing in an approved & signed DA fm 31 (if taking terminal leave)
    9. How & when he receives his orders & his initial & final processing appointments
    10. Setting up transportation of household goods

    Orders are published 90-120 days out from separation date or up to 180 days out if taking a lot of terminal leave, AR 635-10.

    On the date given to Officer that his orders will be ready for pick up, he will come in:

    1. Receive his orders
    2. Verify DD fm 214 worksheet to make any corrections & determine if any documents are needed to add information
    3. Schedule his initial interview appointment (scheduled week out from start of terminal leave)
    4. Schedule final out appointment (day before leave starts unless on a weekend or holiday, then the last duty day before)
    5. Be given date for picking up installation clearing papers at CCA (Central Clearing Agency/In and Out Processing)
    6. Sign all required pre-separation packet documents

    Ten working days out from start of terminal leave, Officer will pick up installation clearing papers. Unit clearing papers can be picked up sooner. S-1's issue them.

    Officer is required to be in uniform during all Transition processing and while clearing.

    On the date that is scheduled for the initial interview appointment, Officer will come to Transition Center:

    1. Bring any documents (awards, schools, deployment time) that were determined needed for his DD fm 214.
    2. Bring clearing papers
    3. Contract if joining an ARNG or Reserve unit
    4. Be reminded of date for his final out appointment
    5. Sent to process finance
    6. Upon completion of finance, Officer will finish clearing anything else left on the installation and unit clearing papers that he has not cleared. By the final out appointment, he must be totally cleared and have all required signatures.

    On final out day, Officer will come in:

    1. Report to finance first to get final initials on clearing papers
    2. Go to In/Out Processing where he picked up his installation clearing papers to turn them in. They will stamp the originals, make two copies & give both copies to officer.
    3. Officer then will immediately report to Transition Center & sign in
    4. Turn in ACAP checklist, copy of physical, copy of stamped clearance papers, copy of VA claim form (if applicable)
    5. Verify all additions and corrections have beem made to DD fm 214
    6. Digitally sign DD fm 214
    7. Receive member's copies of 1 & 4
    8. Sign out with Transition
    9. Receive S-1 memo packet to take back and turn in when signing out at the unit
  • Retiree Separation Physical
    1. A separation physical is not mandatory (except for retirees), but it is recommended. Soldiers who elect NOT to take a separation physical must obtain a waiver (Form 57, with attached DA form 2697) from hospital. Both forms require signature by a physician's assistant or a physician.
    2. Soldier should complete separation physical at exam center now located at the hospital (Primary Care 3) from 30 up to 120 days out from ETS date or 60-90 days out from terminal leave.
    3. Physical exams (Phase I and Retirement Physicals) will be by appointment only scheduled through the IACH centralized appointment line, 785-239-DOCS (3627).
    4. When Soldiers appear for a separation physical, they should bring a list of medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries for which they were treated while on active duty.
    5. Soldiers must personally pick up the physical at hospital when complete & bring it to the Transition Center for the Final Out Appointment.
    6. Soldiers appearing for Final Out at the Transition Center cannot be cleared unless they bring either a completed separation physical or a waiver (with DA form 2697) signed by a physician or physician's assistant.


More Seperation Information

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Final Outs are scheduled day before leave starts, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday then it will be the last duty day before. If not taking leave, final is scheduled on ETS separation day, unless it falls on weekend or hoiday then will be the last duty day before. Soldier is required to be in duty uniform.

What to bring:

1.  ACAP Checklist (Form 2648)

2.  Copy of physical or waiver

3.  Copy of VA Claim form (if filing one)

4.  Copy of stamped clearance papers

5.  CAC Card and PIN

What is done at Final Out:

1.  Turn in all requested items listed on your final out appointment.

2.  You will verify your real DD214 and make sure all corrections have been made. You will then digitally sign the DD214.

3.  You will be given the #1 and #4 copies of the DD 214. You will sign for them.

4.  You will turn in your active duty ID card and dependents ID card if you have completed your MSO, are not taking terminal leave and are not receiving Tamp Benefits. If you are taking terminal leave, have a MSO or are receiving Tamp Benefits, you will be reminded about mailing it back or turning it in to the nearest installation or Guard or Reserve after your separation date.

5.  You will be given a discharge certificate if you have completed your reserve obligation. If you haven't completed it, then St. Louis will mail it to you when you have.

6.  You will be reminded about getting your Tamp Card or Reserve ID card if eligible.

7.  You will be given a form telling you about safeguarding your DD214 and an information Sheet with phone numbers on it in case you need to call back while you are on leave or after you get out.

8.  Finally you will be given a memo to take back to the unit when you sign out. It will have a copy of your orders and a copy of your stamped clearing papers stapled to it. You take this to your S-1. If your ETS date or leave date falls on a holiday or weekend you cannot sign out until that day.

A. Verify your DD214 worksheet.

B. Sign form 323 about turning in your active ID card and your dependents ID cards.

C. If eligible for TAMP Benefits and separation pay, you will be briefed about getting ID Cards for the benefits and the paperwork necessary to receive the sep pay.

D. Verify that you have an updated SGLI (Servicemen Group Life Insurance ) Form 8286 and DD93 (Emergency Data Form). Your SGLI is good for 120 days after you get out.

E. Fill out a selective service card if you are male and under age 26.

F. You will be asked if you are filing a VA Claim Form 21-526 (Veterans Application For Compensation or Pension). If filing one before final out, a copy should be turned in to the processing clerk on your final out. VA representatives are available to meet with you personally and will help you complete the form. They are located on the 4th floor of Irwin Army Hospital. To make an appointment call 240-7312.

G. You will be asked if you are interested in the continued health care benefit program because your Medical benefits end on your separation date unless you met the criteria for extended benefits. It costs $933.00 for 90 days for a single soldier and $1996.00 for a family. Maximum coverage is up to 18 months. Coverage starts first day after ETS date or if receiving extended medical benefits, the first day after they end. Member has to complete an application form and mail with payment 60 days after separation. He or she will also need to send a copy of the DD214. Member needs to go in on the internet to get form and obtain any further information. Websites are, and Telephone number is 1-800-444-5445.

H. If your ETS date falls on a weekend or holiday and you are not taking terminal leave, you will be asked if you want to sign a statement (Form AFZN-GA-ATP 495) to separate on the last duty day prior. You will only be paid through the last duty day if you elect this option. If you don't, you are still seen on the last duty day prior to the weekend or holiday for the final out. You are paid through the actual ETS date, but you cannot sign out of the unit until the actual ETS date even though you are finished with Transition Center.

I. You will be given an appointment slip for your final out. It will tell you what you need to bring, which includes DD Form 2648- Preseparation Checklist from ACAP, VA claim form(if applicable), physical or waiver and copy of stamped clearance papers. Be sure CAC Card is registered and working and that you know your pin number. It is mandatory per Milper Messages 08-196 and 09-137 that the DD 214 be digitally signed.

J. After your initial interview with Transition Center, you will be sent to finance and travel. You cannot process them before then. They will sign off on the clearing papers at that time.

     Medical records are the property of the US Government, not the Soldier. Transition Center is required to mail the original records to the appropriate agency upon soldier's separation. Just prior to Final Out, the original health record is transported to the Transition Center by authorized personnel designated by the hospital.

     Soldiers should request a copy of their medical records for themselves. This can be done when picking up a copy of the complete separation physical. At this time, soldier can let hospital personnel know when they are scheduled for their final out with Transition Center, so original medical record can be at Transition Center by that date. Final outs are always scheduled the day before leave starts unless that day falls on a weekend or holiday, then it would be last duty day before. If not taking leave, final out is on separation day, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, then it would be last duty day before.

     Dental Records: Dental records cannot be hand carried and also must be sent to Transtion Center by courier. As soon as soldier recieves his clearing papers, he should go clear dental. At that time he will let them know to send his dental records to the Transition Center.

     The Secretary of Defense directed in a 19 January 2007 memorandum, that a program be established to recognize members who are required to mobilize or deploy with a frequency beyond established rotation policy goals. In response to that direction, OUSD (R&R) established a new category of administrative absence entitled "post-Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence (PDMRA)" Alaract 173/2007 and DA Personnel Policy Guidance.

     PDMRA leave is tracked by a soldier's S-1. Finance does not track. The S-1 will determine if member is eligible for this leave and how much he has accrued. Soldier must use PDMRA leave within 12 months of returning from deployment or during PCS travel or it is lost. It cannot be retained and carried to the new Permanent Duty Station.

     PDMRA leave can be taken in conjunction with Transition Leave upon separation if it has not already been used. If it is taken with Transition Leave, soldier does not need a separate leave form. Entire time period will be entered in block 10 (beginning with day PDMRA starts, including PTDY (if eligible) and accrued leave being taken, all the way thru separation (ETS) date). In remarks section of DA 31, list what days are PDMRA, what days are PTDY, and what days are chargeable leave.

PTDY is leave that is used in conjunction with transition leave & is only authorized for Soldiers being separated that meet certain criteria. The purpose of PTDY is to facilitate Transition to civilian life such as house & job hunting. It is an authorization, not an entitlement. The commander does not have to approve PTDY if he or she determines that Soldier is needed for operational purposes. The approving authority is a minimum of 05.


Eligibility: # Days Authorized:

Soldier is denied reenlistment due to PT failure or overweight at ETS: 10

Soldier has bar to enlistment (see exceptions)**: 10

Soldier separated under the 2009 Enlisted Involuntary Early Separation Program: 10

Soldier separated pursuant to voluntary agreement to remain on active duty for period of less than 1 year in support of contingency operation: 10

Soldier separated becomes member of selective reserve of the Ready Reserve of a reserve component: 10

Soldier has too much time for grade RCP (Retention Control Point): 20

Officers & Enlisted Soldiers separated on Medical Disability Separation: 20 

Enlisted Soldier separated on QMP: 20

Officers & Enlisted Soldiers Retiring: 20

Officer separated because of failure for promotion: 20

Chapter 5-8 for Parenthood: 10

Chapter 5-13 for Personality Disorder: 10

Chapter 5-17 for Physical, not a Disability: 10

Chapter 9 for Alcohol/Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Failure: 10

Chapter 15 for Homosexuality: 10

Chapter 18 for failure on overweight program: 10

**Exceptions to Bar & DO NOT qualify for PTDY:

  • Bar was for declining to attend PLDC, BNCOC, etc.

    Declined to go to a promotion board

    Signed DCSS statement



Separating at ETS & eligible to reenlist (and not meeting above eligibility requirements)

Soldier has declined an assignment & signed a DCSS statement (except for DEIP and joining Reserve or ARNG Unit)

Separation is due to AWOL, Lost Time, or other adverse conditions

Separated under any voluntary chapter

Separated under Chapters 10, 13, 14


Completing DA 31 for PTDY in conjunction with Transition Leave


Only one DA-31 is needed, and it is prepared as follows:


Check the PTDY box and the Other box

Terminal leave is typed on the blank line

The amount of leave accrued through the Soldier's ETS date is put in the accrued leave block

In the next block will be the amount of leave the Soldier plans to take

Leave can only be taken in whole days. Half days will be paid

The entire time period will be entered in block 10 (beginning with day PTDY starts, including the accrued leave being taken, all the way thru separation (ETS) date)

In the Remarks section, list what days are PTDY and what days are chargeable as leave

Soldiers separating from active duty who meet certain criteria shall be entitled to receive certain TAMP Benefits to help them and their families transition to civilian life. Some may qualify for Separation Pay.

Eligibility requirements for TAMP:

Soldier is denied reenlistment due to PT failure or overweight at ETS

Soldier has bar to enlistment (see exceptions) **

Soldier separated under the 2009 Enlisted Involuntary Early Separation Program

Soldier stopped loss and held past contractual ETS date

Soldier has too much time for grade RCP(Retention Control Point)

Officers and Enlisted soldiers separated on Medical Disability Separation

Enlisted soldier separated on QMP

Officers and Enlisted Soldiers Retiring

Officer separated because of failure for promotion

Chapter 5-8 for Parenthood

Chapter 5-13 for Personality Disorder

Chapter 5-17 for Physical, not a Disability

Chapter 15 for Homosexuality

Chapter 18 for failure on overweight program

Soldier of a reserve component who is separated from active duty to which called or ordered in support of a contingency operation if the active duty is active duty for a period of more than 30 days

Soldier separated from active duty who served pursuant to a voluntary agreement of the member to remain on active duty for a period of less than one year in support of a contingency operation

Soldier who receives a sole survivorship discharge (as defined in section 1174 (i) of Title 10

Soldier who is separated from active duty who agrees to become a member of the Selective reserve of the Ready Reserve of a reserve component

Separated with a character of service of honorable or under honorable

** Exceptions to Bar and do not qualify for TAMP:

Bar was for declining to attend PLDC, BNCOC, etc.

Declined to go to a promotion board

Signed DCSS statement


Separating at ETS and eligible to reenlist

Soldier has declined an assignment and signed a DCSS statement (except for DEIP and joining Reserve or ARNG Unit

Separation is due to AWOL, Lost Time, or other adverse conditions

Separated under any voluntary chapter

Separated under Chapters 10, 13, 14

Voluntary Chapters ex. Chapter 5-16, 6, 8, 16-2


180 days Transitional Health Care (Also for family member)

2 years PX/Commissary Privileges (Also for family member)


Dental in military dental facilities on space available basis (member only)

1 year shipment of Household Goods to Home of Selection **NOTE

1 year non-temporary storage of Household Goods **NOTE

1 year to complete travel to Home of Selection **NOTE

** NOTE: Authorized for medical retirements, and those soldiers meeting the criteria for TAMP that have 8 continuous years of active duty