Fort Riley, Kansas



US Army Garrison

Military Personnel Services Division, Directorate of Human Resources
"DHR Military Personnel Services"

  Mission : The Military Personnel Services Division is involved in all of the activities of sustaining the human dimension needs of Soldiers, retirees, veterans, and their Families. Some of these activities include Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) and Central In/Out-processing, casualty affairs, separations, ID Card and DEERS services, ACAP, Retirement Services, and the full spectrum of military personnel office services. The Military Personnel Services Division also has significant involvement in deployment and redeployment of active duty units, as well as mobilization and demobilization of Army Reserve and National Guard units.


  • Levy (Reassignment) Processing
  • Transition Center
  • Personnel Automation Branch
  • ID Cards/DEERS
  • Enlisted Separation Procedures
  • Out-Processing/Clearing Fort Riley
  • Clearing Fort Riley: Installation Clearance Procedures
  • Inprocessing at Fort Riley: 1st Replacement Company
  • Reserve Component Transition Office
  • Customer Service
  • Retiree Services


Shield of Adjuant General-Human Resources

Shield of Adjuant General-Human Resources