Fort Riley, Kansas


Our Mission

On order, 1st Infantry Division deploys, conducts full spectrum operations as part of a Combined Joint Task Force or designated force headquarters, transitions to follow-on operations, and on order redeploys.


Be the "BRO"

Maj. Gen. Paul E. Funk II, took command of the Big Red One on May 22, 2013. Click on the links below to see various formats of his vision of what it means to be a "BRO" Soldier.

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BRO Poster Ver 1 
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BRO Poster Ver 2A
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 "Pillars of the Division"

"The Big Red One"

1st Infantry Division
1st Infantry Division
"The Big Red One"

The 1st Infantry Division headquarters is Fort Riley, KS. The Big Red One invites visitors to browse through the site, learning not only about the Division but its brigades, partners, and Fort Riley and the Central Flint Hills Region.

BRO Standards Book