Fort Riley, Kansas


Public Works

Directorate of Public Works
Mission: Support training, mobilization, readiness, and deployment by providing quality engineering, environmental, housing, and facilities to everyone within the Fort Riley community. 

The Fort Riley Public Works is comprised of 6 Divisions: Business Operations Division; Engineering Services Division; Environmental Division; RCI / Housing Services Office; Master Planning Division; and Operations & Maintenance Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Then you need to call the Service Order Desk at 239-0900!

A service order should be submitted when something in your facility is broken or has stopped working and needs repaired. Service orders are called in to the Public Works Service Order Desk, 239-0900. Emergency service orders can be called in by anyone; all other service orders must be submitted by the R&U for the facility.
Call the Public Works Service Order Desk, 239-0900.
Located in Building 307, Carter & Holbrook, Main Post. Telephone 239-3757. Call to register for training.
The Environmental Division can assist you with the information you need.  Located in 407 Pershing Court, phone (785)239-8619.  Hunting and fishing regulations can be found on the iSportsman website.
Did you know they manage the Contract Inspection Branch, Technical Services Branch, Energy Branch, and is the Liaison on Troop Construction performed by the military units.

Located in Building 408, Pershing Court. (239-2718)
Contact the Housing Services Office at (785) 239-3525.  Located on main post, 45 Barry Avenue.

To Submit a Service Order

Submit a service order online.
Emergency service orders, please call (785) 239-0900.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Public Works Service Order Desk - (785) 239-0900
  • Public Works Dig Safe Desk - (785) 239-8187
  • Public Works Supply Issue Counter - (785) 239-8205
  • Corvias Military Living - (785) 717-2200