Fort Riley, Kansas


Customer Management Services

Customer Management Services (CMS) utilizes a three-tiered feedback system established to determine the satisfaction of those who work, play, and live on the installation. The input mechanisms for feedback come from multiple sources such as online submission of comments, annual leadership and constituent assessments, and community forums. The CMS program implements a means for feedback that includes every category of customer on the installation.
The analysis of this feedback enables the garrison to focus on specific corrective action that may include improved customer service training, Lean Six Sigma initiatives, or redistribution of resourcing.
At the IMCOM level, the system provides an Army wide measure of organizational performance.
The ultimate outcome is to improve performance, readiness, recruiting, and work-life balance.

Community First

Community FIRST is a quarterly issues resolution process designed to provide continuous feedback to the Fort Riley community on issues that cannot be resolved by ICE.
Community FIRST also conducts focus groups by constituents (Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees, Veterans, Surviving Spouses, Teens, and Civilian Workforce).
If you would like to submit an issue or recommendation, click on the Community FIRST/AFAP Issue Resolution Form under Publications area. Issues will be forwarded on a quarterly basis to the responsible directorate or organization for resolution. If still not resolved, issues will be submitted to the Commanding General for approval to forward beyond Fort Riley through the AFAP process.