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Garrison Safety Office

Garrison Safety Office
"Safety First"

Mission Statement:
The Garrison Safety Office establishes guidelines and procedures to provide you a safe and healthful work and living environment free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm. Our numerous programs and actions include inspections and surveys throughout the installation covering a wide range from industrial operations to Family Child Care Provider home inspections. Some of our work related programs include Hazard communication (HAZCOM), Respiratory Protection, Confined Space Entry and Radiation Protection. We train Fort Riley personnel in Supervisor/Collateral Duty Safety, safe child care for providers, HAZCOM, Motorcycle Safety, and Accident Reporting Procedures to name a few. We advise and assist in Accident and Hazard Reporting through safety briefings, classroom training, and one-on-one sessions.

Safety Information

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Garrison Safety Director

COM: (785) 239-2514

DSN: 856-2514

Garrison Deputy Safety Director

COM: (785) 240-4748

DSN: 520-4748

Garrison Safety Specialist - Industrial/Construction

COM: (785) 239-3421

DSN: 856-3421

Garrison Safety Specialist - Army Child Youth Services/Recreational Safety - Education, Promotion and Awareness

COM: (785) 240-0647

DSN: 520-0647

Garrison Safety Specialist - Radiation Officer

COM: (785) 239-0571

DSN: 856-0571

Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP) Lead Instructor

COM: (785) 239-3391

DSN: 856-3391

FAX: (785) 239-3391

Garrison Safety - Administrative Support

COM: (785) 239-2514

DSN: 856-2514

FAX: (785) 239-0741
USAG Safety Office

What is House Bill 2459, and why is it important to Soldiers stationed in the state of Kansas? House Bill 2459 is good news for military motorcycle riders because it allows Military motorcycle riders, who have completed prior motorcycle safety training, in accordance with Department of Defense Instruction 6055.04 (DoDI 6055.04), to obtain a class M (motorcycle) license without a written and driving test!

Kansas House Bill 2459 allows Soldiers who have taken an approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course (MSF) in any state, to obtain a class M license in the state of Kansas. The bill states, Military motorcycle riders "who have completed prior motorcycle safety training in accordance with department of defense instruction 6055.04 (DoDI 6055.04) are not required to complete further written and driving testing."

DoDI 6055.4, para 4f(1)(c) states, "Include an appropriate Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course or DUSD(I&E) endorsed, State-approved, curriculum for motorcycle operator's safety training. Provide certified or licensed rider coaches and include hands-on training, a riding skills evaluation, and a knowledge-based evaluation. Accept the completion card of any MSF course or DUSD(I&E)-endorsed course that includes written and riding evaluations as proof of successful completion of the required training."

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses are offered off post at a cost of approximately $230.00, but the USAG Safety Office, in accordance with DoDI 6055.4, provides approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses to all Soldiers at no charge. These courses are designed to teach both new and experienced riders proper techniques for safe operation of motorcycles, as well as a driver skill and written test. The Basic Rider Course (BRC I) is the required foundational course for all Soldiers regardless of experience level. To enroll in any Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, please contact USAG Safety Office, 239-3391 for available course dates, enrollment information and verification of valid MSF certificate.

Military motorcyclist must still submit, with their application, proof of citizenship and residency in the state of Kansas. A U.S. Military ID - not expired (active duty, dependent, retired, reserve or National Guard) or a U.S. Military Common Access Card (CAC) with photo, DOB, name and branch of service, are acceptable documents of proof of citizenship. For proof of residency, check the Kansas Department of Revenue,, for a list of acceptable documents.

Soldiers are not required to pay the class M permit fee, $9.00 - $15.00 depending on how many years they request, or the associated fee to take the written test, $1.50, but are required to pay all other applicable fees for a class M license.

House Bill 2459 becomes law effective, July 1, 2012. For more information, contact the USAG Safety Office, (785) 239-3391.
Enrollment Procedures for US Army IMCOM Traffic Safety Training Program

1. Go to website

2. Click on "I ACCEPT".

3. Under the heading you will find; Region, Garrison and Courses

4. Using the down arrow choose the following:

Region "West"

Garrison "Fort Riley"

Courses: Choose course that you want to enroll i.e. Basic, Experienced or Sport Bike Course

5. Click on calendar icon or "Next Month" to select dates and courses if course is full for that month.

NOTE: Grayed out courses are past; courses in Red are filled; courses in Blue are available.

6. Click the desired date of course to enroll and follow the instruction.

NOTE: Please read "Course Detail" for qualification/requirements, date and time of the course.

7. Once registration is complete, click "Save"

8. ATV/Dirt Bike enrollment will be submitted to Garrison Safety Office to schedule class Bldg 500, Basement room 15.
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How do I contact the Garrison Safety Office?

Garrison Safety Office at 239-2514.

How do I report an Accident?

Emergency 911, Ambulance 911, Fire Department 911, Military Police 911 or 239-6767, Spill (Fire Department) 239-4257. After Duty Hours (FROC) 239-2222.

Who do I contact for Safety training?

Garrison Safety Office at 239-2514/240-0647, G3 Training at 239-6214, Troops Schools at 239-9971.