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Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs fulfills the Army obligation to keep the American people and the Army informed and helps to establish the conditions that lead to confidence in America's Army and its readiness to conduct operations in peacetime, conflict and war.  Every member of the Army team contributes to effective public affairs.  The Soldier is the most effective communicator of the Army Story.

Primary functional areas are Command Information, Media Relations and Community Relations.

Mission, USAG Public Affairs:
Provide public affairs support for the Warfighters and their families at Fort Riley to enhance the Warfighter's ability to accomplish their mission and maintain a spirit of positive cooperation with the Central Flint Hills Region towards providing an exceptional quality of life for the Soldiers, Families and Civilians of Fort Riley.  Promote a positive image of Fort Riley in all operations that support the idea of Fort Riley as the premiere division-level installation in the world.

Public Affairs Services

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     A phone line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for your inquiries.  

     Soldiers, family members and DA civilians can call 240-TOWN (8696) and leave a message with any questions or concerns about the quality of life on post.  The USAG Public Affairs Office will monitor the messages.  Questions will be forwarded to the appropriate unit or organization and suggestions will be passed on to the Army Family Action Plan program.

     The electronic road signs are used to publicize official events and announcements of interest to the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley. Submit a request for a road sign announcement to the electronic road signs programmer. The signs can accommodate three lines of text with no more than 15 words.

     The Public Affairs Office maintains the electronic road sign by Rally Point on Trooper Drive and the sign near 1020 Huebner Road just outside of Camp Funston.

Soldiers and civilian employees may submit a Joint Hometown News Release for achievements large and small.  Promotions, unit awards and recognition, retirements and new hires are all good reasons to submit a release.  Photos can be included along with the information about your achievement.  Make sure you list the hometown for yourself and any family members who live outside the local area - as well as the local ones.  The process is automatic and completely on line at


     The Media Relations Office is the liaison between civilian media and Fort Riley. Our goal is to increase public awareness and understanding of Fort Riley and its Soldiers, Family members and training missions. We answer media queries, keep the command group informed about media issues that affect the post and produce news releases and media advisories. MR also coordinates media interest for VIP, congressional visits and press conferences. Additionally, it helps Soldiers get information about their accomplishments into their hometown newspapers.

     Fort Riley is a non-public news gathering forum and as such, all civilian media must have approval and an escort prior to entering Fort Riley. Media interested in covering Fort Riley activities should call the Media Relations Office at (785)239-2022/3358, to arrange for an escort at least 24 hours prior to your planned arrival.

     The Media Relations Office also is available via e-mail.

     For questions before or after normal duty hours, Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., please call the On-Call Public Affairs representative at (785)307-4510.


     News Releases: One of the primary communication tools is the news release. They can range from full feature stories to tip sheets to announcements of upcoming events. Have a story idea? Call (785) 239-3358 or The Post newspaper at (785) 239-8854.

     Press Conferences: For major announcements of interest to several media outlets, we may call a press conference. This puts all parties -- the newsmakers and reporters -- together in one place.

     Media Opportunities: Fort Riley hosts many activities that may be of interest to area media. Announcements of such events are posted as news releases.

     Radio Beepers: Audio of primary news releases can be done. Call (785) 239-3358.

     Video News Releases: Television stations interested in video coverage of Fort Riley events should call 785-239-8850 or e-mail the Command Information Office for video footage.

The MyBaseGuide app is available for both Android and IOS devices.  Download it today and select Fort Riley as your location and start learning about area gas prices, community good deals and news on the installation.  The app also lists phone numbers for frequently called on-post entities and when severe weather affects the local area, alerts come straight to you.  AND - you can take it with you!  When you PCS to a new duty location or when TDY, simply change the location and learn about your destination community.


     500 Huebner Rd., Rm 210
     Fort Riley, KS   66442


Public Affairs Officer
     (785) 239-8851

External Information
     Community Relations  -  (785) 239-3358
     Media Relations  -  (785)239-2022
     Web Administrator  -  (785) 239-2803

Internal Information
     1ID Post Editor  -  (785) 239-8854
     Riley TV  -  (785) 239-8850
     Audio/Visual  -  (785) 239-0792

     580 First Division Road
     (785) 239-3632 / 240-4928

     The 1st Infantry Division Post is a civilian enterprise weekly newspaper with a circulation of 9,100 copies each week. The online edition and PDF archives of the 1st Infantry Division Post are available on the Defense Video Imagery Distribution System. The newspaper serves the Soldiers, Family members, civilian employees, retirees, veterans, and friends of the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley.

     Send story ideas and comments about the newspaper to the editor. The editor also will consider submissions that are turned in by close of business on Fridays to make it in the next edition.

     Advertising:  For business or advertising matters, call The Daily Union at (785) 762-5000.

     Individuals wishing to submit a news brief for publication in the newspaper should email with all pertinent information no later than one week prior to desired publication date. Information required to print a news brief includes time, date, location and contact information for events. Full article submissions are also subject to the same deadline and may be sent to the email address listed above.

     Who do I call if I do not receive a Post newspaper? Newspapers are delivered to most office buildings and every quarters on the installation. The papers are delivered Thursday nights to office buildings and Friday afternoons to quarters. If you do not receive a newspaper, call 239-8854 for the editor. We will make sure you receive your papers.

Contact the 1st Infantry Division Post editor by calling (785) 239-8854, DSN 856-8854, or email