Fort Riley, Kansas


Administrative and Civil Law

Administrative and Civil Law, SJA

The Mission of the Civil Law Division of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate is to provide the Command and Staff of the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley with legal services in the areas of Procurement Law, Environmental Law, Civilian Personnel/Labor Law, Fiscal Law, Government Ethics Law, and the Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act. The Fort Riley Administrative Law Division provides quality legal advice to staff sections, directorates, tenant activities and units on compliance with federal law, Army regulations, and other applicable law and policy.
Room 221A, 216 Custer Avenue on main post, (785)239-6741/2717 

Office Hours

Room 221A, 216 Custer Ave. (Clausen Hall)

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
0800 - 1600 hrs
Friday: 0800 - 1200 hrs
Closed on Federal and Training Holidays