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Military & Family Life Consultants (MFLC)

By DEP MOB Staff | | April 29, 2009

Fort Riley's Military & Family Life Consultants are available to Military Personnel and Family Members. They provide short term, situational, problem solving, non-medical counseling through informal support, coaching, education and consultations to all Service Members and their Families through the cycles of deployment and reintegration.

The consultations are free, anonymous, and confidential and no records are kept. Issues that the consultants deal with include, but are not limited to:

Feeling out of control?
Is something different?

Do you:
Agitate easily?
Quick to anger?
Difficulty concentrating?
Wanting to be alone?
Not feeling yourself?
Snapping at the children?
Difficulty communicating with others?
Driving aggressively?
Being easily startled?

Relationship problems or Daily issues:
Conflict resolution
Deployment, reunion, re-integration stress
Express concerns
Family issues
Grief and loss
Individual and Family issues
Problem solving
Parent-Child communication
Relationship advice
Stress management

Do you have:
     A deep sense of sadness or unhappiness?
     A lack of interest in things you used to enjoy?
     A change in appetite?
     Weight gain or loss?
     Trouble remembering, thinking or making decisions?
     Fatigue or a lack of energy?
     Sleeping too much or too little?
     Feelings of uneasiness or worry?
     Restlessness or decreased activity?
     No desire to be with friends?

Primary contact number is (785) 221-9483

Additional telephone numbers:
     (785) 221-9486 Cell
     (785) 213-1627 Cell
     (785) 213-2187 Cell
     (785) 249-4281 Cell
     (785) 239-1883 Office
     (785) 240-3029 Office

Brief Overview

Service provided by: Highly trained and experienced licensed Professionals including:
     Clinical Social Workers
     Marriage & Family Therapists
     Licensed Professional Counselors

Consultants provide:
     Consultation regarding:
          Marriage and relationship issues
          Stress and Anxiety
          Grief and Loss
          Daily Issues

Referrals made, as needed, to existing military or civilian services and resources.

Cost: None

Documentation: No records kept, confidential, and non-reportable with the exception to Warn issues – threat to self or others; child, spouse, elder or sexual abuse. We operate on a first name basis only (no rank or unit). After hours and weekend appointments are available.

Available for:
Single Personnel
Married Personnel
Family Members
Civilian Employees

Army Community Service
7264 Normandy Drive, Custer Hill
Fort Riley, Kansas 66442  
(785) 239-9435 DSN (856)

Hours of service: 8:00am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
After hours and weekend appointments available upon request.
Telephone and face-to-face consultations; on or off-post

Consultations are also available at the:

Child Development Center
(785) 250-0526

School Age Services and the Youth Center
(785) 320-4674