Fort Riley, Kansas



We must provide quality programs, services, and facilities to our Soldiers, their Families, retirees, and our civilian employees at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to provide the best services available on an Army installation. We are dedicated to better understanding and meeting our customer needs. To help us do that, you are invited to complete web-based comment cards on our facilities and services. You can access specific cards from our web pages relating to the facility or service. Look for the words Interactive Customer Evaluation or ICE. You can access all of Fort Riley's comment cards at our ICE website. To find out about our services, use the navigation above to view our Soldier, Family, education and training, medical, and other installation services. Recreation programs and information for newcomers can be found by using the navigation menus above. A few other services are listed below.

Banking Services
There are two on-post financial institutions and several others in the surrounding communities.

Telephone Services
Information on official, quarters, and barracks phone services.

Cable Television Service
Information on local service.